The Wait Is Over: Audiobooks are here!

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You want to know something cool?



So, the original release was delayed for a bit while things were polished, but now I’m so pleased to announce that not only are the Elemental Mysteries available, but the Elemental WORLD books are, as well!

Narrator Dina Pearlman (Hi, Dina!) did a wonderful job performing the entire series. I’m very pleased that we were able to have the same narrator for all six books.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for being so patient!

Here are the buy links for those who have been waiting:

The books are not available in CD format right now, only digital download, but CD may be something that happens in the future if there is enough interest. Thanks again to the production team at Audible and Dina for doing an amazing job. I really hope you guys enjoy the audiobooks!

TheScribe_ebookAnd for those of you who have noticed that I’m not posting as much over here, you’d be right! With the upcoming publication of THE SCRIBE, the first book in the Irin Chronicles, I’ve been trying to switch over to posting more on my main author website, So if you want to keep up with all my stuff, subscribe over there. If you’re strictly an Elemental World fan, then no worries! I’ll continue to update this website with news about that series, which YES, I am not done with. I’m just working on other projects right now. (Which I do hope you’ll check out.)

Have a great week, everyone! And thanks for reading (and listening!)


An excellent reader question about Tenzin and Ben, and an answer (sort of).

yellow-riverReader Elizabeth Arrowood asked a great question over on the Facebook page, and I wanted to take some time to answer it here on the blog at a little more length, because this is a question I get fairly often, and I want you guys to get where I’m coming from.

“So, just wondering- how long might we have to wait for this Ben & Tenzin Series? I can hardly STAND how excited I am about it! :)”

First off, I love your excitement! I’m so glad you love these characters. I love them, too. But this is one of those questions with a short and long answer.

The short answer is: I don’t know.

The longer answer is: I don’t see myself starting on that series for at least a year. Possibly longer. And I can promise it’s NOT because I’m not excited to work on it. It’s not because I don’t know the overarching plot line of that series. And it’s NOT because I don’t think it’s important.

There are two factors at play here. One, Ben is still pretty young in my mind. I don’t know how exactly to explain it, but he just is! When I first started writing that character, he was a child. A mature, somewhat jaded child, but a child. And as the series has progressed, he’s grown, obviously. BUT, he’s not there yet, for me. I hope that makes sense. It’s not a YA or NA series. He still needs some time to mature.

The second factor is Tenzin. Ah, Tenzin. I love Tenzin. She’s awesome. She’s also a really difficult character to write. REALLY difficult. That’s part of the reason I love her. She’s a challenge. And she’s had a very dark life, which means that a series with her as a main character is going to have some very dark moments. It’s possible that I’ll be writing some of her background in short story or novella form at some point. I haven’t decided yet.

(Please understand, her life was not pretty. And it wouldn’t be a “nice” story. But it might be an important story for the overall series, so it’s possible. I know what she’s been through in my mind, but writing it all out becomes infinitely more difficult.)

Can I tell you how it’s all going to work out? Nope. I don’t see anything predictable for those two characters, so I can’t really tell you what to expect. Expect Tenzin and Ben. Being themselves. Trust me, they’re talking to me, (Figuratively, of course. Please don’t call the men in white coats.) and I’ll keep listening. Can you expect a book shortly? No. Can you expect some shorts or extras? Probably.

Trust me, their stories will be written. But you’ll have to be patient.

Elizabeth, thanks for the great question, and I hope that answers it. And thanks to everyone who has shown so much enthusiasm for these two characters.

(And if you’re a Tenzin fan, and you haven’t read Wind Speaks, I hope you’ll take the opportunity to peek into her thoughts a little.)

Thanks for reading! And thanks for the awesome reception for BLOOD AND SAND. I am truly blessed.

All the best,


Cover Reveal: Blood and Sand

Here you go, readers, the cover reveal for the second full novel in the Elemental World, BLOOD AND SAND.

Blood and Sand Cover


Dead women are showing up in the desert east of San Diego, and no one understands why. When the story comes to the attention of reporter Natalie Ellis, she can’t help but make comparisons to tragic deaths she’d investigated years ago. Are these women the victims of a serial killer, or something even more insidious?

Bodies may be piling up in his sire’s territory, but water vampire and feared enforcer Baojia is stuck entertaining the rich and clueless at a club in San Diego. He’s taken his exile with all the grace he could muster, but his patience is starting to thin.

Sparks fly when mortal and immortal are thrown together, and Natalie comes face to face with a reality that was lurking in the corners of her life. Pursuing the truth could cost Baojia everything, including the mortal woman who has earned his grudging respect.

Blood and Sand is the second novel in the expanded Elemental World series.

Add it on Goodreads HERE.

(I’m waiting to hear for sure, but I’m looking at a late May/early June release for this one.)

Appearance update: Book Bash Orlando

So, I have good news and bad news. The good news is, it looks like I’m going to Istanbul for a research trip this summer for a new series! (Which I’m very excited about, naturally.) The bad news is… I’m going to have to cancel my appearance at the Book Bash in Orlando. (Not so excited about.)

Most of you who’ve been following my writing for a while probably know that I’m a single mom of an awesome seven year old boy, so (even though his dad is great) my travel time is pretty limited. And though I’d love to be at all the appearances and signings I’m invited to, I just can’t do that and still be a full time writer and mom. So when the opportunity to take this trip worked out, I just couldn’t pass it up.

I want to apologize sincerely to those who were planning on attending the event. I do hope that no travel plans were spoiled, but I take comfort in knowing that there are so many great authors who are still going to be attending. NYT Best-selling authors like Abbi Glines, Colleen Hoover, and Tammara Webber. Fantastic, fun writers like Elizabeth Reyes and Rebecca Donovan. Honestly, there are too many to even list here. The full list of authors is HERE on the website, and I do hope that you’ll still plan on going.

As for San Francisco and RT in Kansas City, I am still planning on attending those! And I hope to make a trip down to Florida for another signing later this year.

Again, I really hope that no travel plans were spoiled! And I hope to meet my Florida readers soon.

Thanks for reading,


Merry Christmas! A new chapter of Waterlocked and a drawing for a signed book

boat-paradeMerry Christmas, everyone! SmallBoy and I had Christmas with the extended family last night, so we’ve already gotten started out here. Hope all your holiday celebrations are going smoothly and you’re enjoying yourself.

For those of you who are online, here’s a new chapter of Waterlocked, full of Terry and Gemma goodness. It’s a sweet chapter, one of my favorites, and there’s a contest at the end for a signed copy of Building From Ashes, if you’d like to enter. Read to the bottom to find out how.

Have a wonderful Christmas! Thank you for all your support through the past year. I hope this season you are blessed to be able to spend it with people you love.

Merry Christmas and thank you for reading,


August News, Chicago Conference, and Bloody September!

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The month of August is ending and what a month it has been! Lots going on, lots of new readers, and WAY more blog traffic. Hi to all the new readers! *waves like a dork* Welcome to my blog and I hope you hang around. Press the subscribe button if you like. I promise not to flood your inbox. I only post a couple times a week, max, but this is the best way to keep up with new releases, teasers, and other stuff like that.


I’m finishing up revisions for Carwyn’s book this week, which is both exciting and nerve-wracking. I’m also continuing with the first draft of the new Cambio Springs book (you can read the first chapter here). Life is fun in shapeshifter-land…

What’s coming up in September? Well, I think I’m going to extend the free book promotion for A Hidden Fire. The series as a whole has been doing amazingly well, so I want to thank all my readers, new and old, and if it’s not broke, don’t fix it, right? I’ve always said that happy readers are the best advertising money can’t buy and you all prove me right every single day. Once I get done with revisions, I’ll be able to burrow into the writing cave and tear things up in shapeshifter-land so I can get the new books out faster.


I also want to remind everyone about Chicago! Seriously, you guys, the line up at this event is going to be amazing. NYT bestsellers, Colleen Hoover and Tracey Garvis-Graves will be there. Abbi Glines, Elizabeth Reyes, and a bunch of the hottest names in indie and traditional pub are meeting and the event is open to the public. I’ll be there meeting you all, selling the new editions of the paperbacks (they’re gorgeous), and signing whatever for anyone that shows up. The event website is here. Like I said, it’s open to the public and I’d love to meet anyone that could make it.


Saving the best for last, are you ready for Bloody September? This is a new contest/blood drive that was the brainchild of the awesome Laura Bradley Rede, and I’m thrilled to be lending a… vein to the cause. (Along with some signed books.) Blood supplies in the US are at a fifteen year low and some of your favorite paranormal authors (including yours truly) are taking action! And we hope our readers do, too! Donate blood in September and get a chance at an awesome prize pack and some great runner-up prizes, as well. We just need photographic evidence of non-vampiric blood donation and you’re entered to win. I’ll be posting more about this later in the week.

Lots to do, so I’m out for now. Have a great week, everyone!

Thanks for reading,


New Covers, a New Look for the Site, and a Free Kindle offer!

It’s here! In case you missed the new cover reveal last week (During which I was off the grid camping in the High Sierras. I know, great timing.) here are the new covers for the Elemental Mysteries! I hope you like them. I tried to incorporate new elements to make the books more recognizably paranormal romance, while still retaining the original cover art, which I loved so much. So how do you think I did?

I’ve also updated the site’s look a bit. No content changes right now. Still the same blog and the same links, just a quick update on the look that cleans it up a bit.

The most exciting news (at least for Kindle owners) is that Amazon has decided to match the free Smashwords price for A Hidden Fire! So those of you who have friends or family with Kindles, spread the word. For the month of August, A Hidden Fire is absolutely FREE to download. As you know, independent authors like me depend a lot on the word of mouth of our best advertisers—our readers! And I’ve always bragged that I have the best, smartest, most loyal readers in the world. (Are you blushing yet?) I’m also pretty sure you have amazing fashion sense. I can tell from your comments. ;-)

Have a great week, everyone. May your coffee be strong, your inbox be empty, and your lunch be those really amazing Thai leftovers you’ve been looking forward to.

Thanks for reading,