Contest winner!

Good morning, all you lovely people!

Yesterday was the last day to enter the contest to win the advanced copy of A Hidden Fire, which will be released this coming Tuesday!  After finding a random integer generator online which blew my previous (yet highly scientific) coffee can system out of the water, the winner of the advanced copy of A Hidden Fire is…


Congratulations to you, Teacup, and I hope you enjoy the book! (I’m supplying that, so you’ll have to supply the champagne. Sorry.)

Thank you to everyone who subscribed in the past week. Hopefully, you’ll stick around to find out more about the exciting stuff happening with the series and win some more lovely prizes in the future. I can already tell you that preparations for book two are well underway, and I’ll be having a cover release and trailer posted in the near future. I’ve seen the rough cuts of what C is working on and…whoa. That’s all I can say in a very Keanu fashion.  It’s awesome!

If the lovely Teacup Human will contact me at and let me know which format to send (and remember, you can read any e-book right on your computer, with the Kindle app available at Amazon for .mobi files, or a free e-reader like Calibre) I will get your book to you straightaway! I have all the common e-formats at my disposal.

Thanks again for everyone who signed up for updates! Have a great week,



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