Elemental Mysteries Facebook Page

Good morning all!

If you are of the Facebook persuasion, I wanted to let you know that the book and series now has a Facebook page!  (oooh…ahhhh) I am Facebook stupid, but C tell me that this is very important and fun and you all can post stuff over there, too, so that’s kind of awesome. It’s just another way to interact with readers and fans, so I’m down with that (as the kids say) and if you read the book and you think it totally bites (and not in a sexy-vampire way) you can go blast me over there in a public forum! Rock on.

That’s all folks! Hope you have an amazing weekend! I’ll be…editing. And getting ready for the book release on Tuesday! But mostly editing.

(It’s for you, people! I do this for you….)


Also, here’s a link to a cool video for  a song I listened to a lot writing the book. Enjoy!



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