Release Week Round-up: A Hidden Fire

Via Spare Some Prose…

So, at the end of the week, I wanted to let you know how this crazy thing called a book launch went.  The short answer is, I’m really pleased.

A Hidden Fire has stayed fairly high in the Kindle store rankings, and after only four days has a 4.81 out of 5.00 rating on Goodreads.  It has also been ranked in the top ten Best Independent Novels at Listopia on Goodreads, which is incredibly flattering.  It’s gotten some amazing reviews and some really flattering write-ups.  I even did an author interview about the book and series.  More reviews are scheduled to publish this weekend, but I’ll be putting any further information about that at

Most importantly to me as a writer, people are e-mailing, tweeting, and reviewing telling me they have bought the book and they loved it.  This crazy story I cooked up in my brain and devoted so many hours to writing has found its own audience.  Readers are connecting with Beatrice and Gio.  They like the supporting characters.  (I think Carwyn already has his own fan club.  He’s such an attention hog.)  In short, past the sales numbers, readers are enjoying the book, and that means more to me than anything else.

Thank you to everyone who made this launch week a success.  If you have read the book, please consider leaving a review on Amazon or Goodreads (or both!)  Be honest, I know it won’t be everyone’s favorite, and that’s fine, but readers and shoppers really do read reviews, so they make a huge difference.

If you read the book and enjoyed it, tell a friend!  (If you hated it…well, you can e-mail me and I’ll listen, I promise.) I’ve always found the best books by word of mouth and you’re probably the same.  And if you have any questions about this whole crazy process, let me know, I’d love to answer.  If I can publish a book, probably a lot of you can, as well!

I’m still running the give-away for the free copy of the book over at the Elemental Mysteries fan page on Facebook.  If you “like” the book on Facebook, you’re entered to win! Yup, that’s it. Check it out if you’re interested.

As always, thank you so much for reading,



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