Giovanni Vecchio

More Polyvore fun for Gio. Now, Giovanni Vecchio is far more likely to worry about his current research than his clothes, so we’re not going to see many daring fashion choices from him. That said, he’s been around long enough to appreciate nice things, so he wears a pretty classic wardrobe. He also has a tendency to burn his clothes off his back, so I don’t see him getting too attached to any of them.Giovanni Vecchio

7 thoughts on “Giovanni Vecchio

  1. glamouredbyeric says:

    Oh my goodness. *fans self* I hear the rockin’ rhythm of ZZ Top’s “Sharp Dressed Man” in the background. I wouldn’t throw him out of bed for eating crackers!

  2. Belynda says:

    I am thinking either Joe Mananiello or Gilles Marini. I know Joe plays a werewolf but he lloks good in a suit or nothing. Have you seen the GQ shots. Ymmm. Gilles played Samantha’s sexy next door neighbor on Sex in the City the movie. Then He did season 8 on Dancing with the Stars. Very nice looking body and looks great in a suit, tux or nothing. I am torn. Of course Joe looks younger but Gilles has the whole accent and everything. You also have to consider who would look great bald after they singed all their clothes and hair off.

    1. E Hunter says:

      WOW, I never even thought about Gilles Marini! He’s so handsome, and you’re right, actual Italians should probably get bonus points. 😉 Can’t wait for Thursday!

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