Teaser Tuesday: 2009

The Huntington Library

Okay, folks! This is the last teaser from the journals that I have for you, though I may sneak one more teaser from a different chapter in next week before the release, which is just two weeks from today! A hint exclusively for my website readers, the book will be uploaded prior to the actual release on December 7th (just to make sure they don’t get caught in Amazon, B&N, or Smashword’s systems) so if you search the weekend before release, you might just snag an early copy.

In other news, the advance reviews for This Same Earth are starting to trickle in! The book already has a few ratings on GoodReads, and Mandy over at Twimom101 Book Blog posted the first official review of the book! Lots to read over there, and she posted a sneaky little teaser for her own Teaser Tuesday, but you’ll have to pop over to her blog to find it (and leave her some comment love, she’s great!)

Mandy has also generously offered to do a little interview with me for the book’s release, so you might want to bookmark or follow her site! If you’re looking for good indie or trade releases, she does a ton of reviews!

I’m taking the SmallBoy to the museum today, but I hope all of you have a wonderful Tuesday, and a very Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all my American readers! If you’ve not read A Hidden Fire yet (or know of someone that might enjoy the book) encourage them to buy it! Lots of traveling time this weekend.

As always, thanks for reading!



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