Teaser Tuesday: Sneak Peek at Chapter Two of This Same Earth

Hello, my readers! I’m posting early because I have a very busy morning tomorrow. Sorry I was so absent last week, but between getting the final formatting done for This Same Earth and Thanksgiving, it turned out to be a busy week! I’ve got a lot going on this last week before Book 2 launches, so I hope you’ll take a look at some of the places I’ll be hopping around!

Twimom101 has graciously offered to interview me on her blog next week! She asks good questions, so I hope you’ll check it out! Better Read Than Dead Book Reviews will have a review posted of the book, and I believe I’ll be doing an interview of some kind over there, as well. Check that site out, she’s got a ton of great reviews for indie releases. Last, but not least, Yours Truly is having her first radio interview over with the lovely ladies of JournalJabber, which is put on by Journalstone Publishing! I’m going to be there on Tuesday, December 6th (one week from Tuesday) and the show starts at 9pm EST. I’ll be talking about the new book and the series as a whole. Or…what’s on my Walmart shopping list, could be either. Hope you might come over and take a listen.


Now, I had a hard time picking a teaser for this week that didn’t give too much away, and I’m going to just assume that you have all read Chapter One if you’re going to read this teaser, so here’s a sneak peak at Chapter Two of This Same Earth (Elemental Mysteries #2) which will be released next week:

“Go to hell,” [Beatrice] called over her shoulder as she made her way through the halls of the institution. She had changed in subtle ways he hadn’t been able to detect in photographs. Her figure was fuller, and she carried herself with a grace and confidence she hadn’t known five years before. Her walk was more assured, and the almost imperceptible lines that touched her face only added to the depth of her dramatic features.

She was absolutely stunning. And really, really pissed-off.

Her scent was the same, a sweet melange of honeysuckle and lemon that made his fangs descend when he thought of the single taste of her blood he’d enjoyed years before.

“Beatrice,” he called again. “I’ve already told Dr. Stevens you’ll be helping me on my project while I’m doing my research here.”

She whirled around at her office door. “Well, you can just use that voodoo to change her mind then, can’t you?”

He came to stand in front of her and took a deep breath, staring at her mouth, which was pursed in displeasure. “I could.” He shrugged. “But I won’t.”

Beatrice looked like she wanted to slap him again, but her hands were full of documents and books, so he reached behind her and opened her door, scenting her as he leaned over her shoulder.

“You still smell like honeysuckle,” he murmured before she shoved him aside so she could enter the office.

Just a very sneaky peak for you all. Can’t wait for next week!

Also, I’m putting in a cool acoustic version of “I’m not calling you a liar” by Florence + the Machine, which is on the This Same Earth playlist. It’s a different version of the song that really highlights Florence’s voice. Also, I got the opportunity to see F+tM live last summer. Amazing, people. If you ever have the opportunity to see her in concert, jump on it. In the wash of musical crap that we see these days, Florence is an original.

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2 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday: Sneak Peek at Chapter Two of This Same Earth

  1. Chase-the-waves says:

    It’s keeling me!!! I need this in my grubby paws! But it’s a wonderful day after my bday release so I can’t wait!

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