Book Release News for This Same Earth

While tomorrow is the official release day for This Same Earth (Elemental Mysteries #2), the book is available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Smashwords now. (I always post early to avoid glitches in the system and the word among you savvy readers tends to get out!) A Hidden Fire is only $o.99 through the holiday season, and the new book, This Same Earth, is $2.99.

I wanted to link you to a few different reviews and interviews I’ll be doing over the next couple of days. Spread the word if you like the books! I’d love to get new readers this Christmas season.

I have a blogtalk radio interview with the lovely ladies of Journal Jabber tonight at 9pm EST. There is a chat room available online, and a telephone number you can call if you have questions for me about the book or the series. You can listen right through your computer from anywhere in the world. I’d love to hear from you guys!

Rebecca over at Bending the Spine posted a review yesterday for the book, and she was also kind enough to interview me for her blog. Here’s the link for the interview. She asked some great questions about the books, the characters, and what I have planned for the future of the Elemental Mysteries. I hope you’ll check it out! There is also a give-away for both books there, so if you want to enter to win, or give the link to a friend, the raffle is running for two weeks.

I also have an interview with the lovely Mandy at Twimom101 Book Blog on Wednesday. Mandy may have found the sexiest “Gio” picture I’ve seen from a reader, but if you’re curious, you’ll have to ask her. 😉 Oh, and she got me to admit who I see as Caspar. She’s wily like that.

Giovanni, not to be left out, will have an interview on Wednesday, December 7th over at Better Read Than Dead. Kristin asked him some great questions (I, of course, typed them as I didn’t want him to short out my laptop) and she might have convinced him to reveal a few secrets about the series…

I’m sure there’s probably something that I’ve forgotten in all this, but my brain is a bit of a mush with everything going on!

That’s all for now, folks! I’m really enjoying the advance reviews, and I can’t wait for readers to let me know what they think of the new book. If you enjoy it, please consider leaving a review wherever you bought it, and/or on GoodReads if you’re a member over there. Reviews really do help authors a lot. Also, there is a tagging feature (the little boxes you can check) at the bottom of each book page on Amazon. These are “tags” or keywords that help readers find books on Amazon’s system. Again, if you have time, it’d be great if you clicked or added the tags you think best describe any of my books. Thanks for your help, and…

Thanks for reading!


P.S. the paperback proof for A Hidden Fire came today, and it looks fantastic. I should be receiving the proof for This Same Earth in the mail this week, so when that happens, the paperback versions of both books should be available on Amazon within 5-7 days!


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