Elemental Mysteries Paperbacks Now Available

Thanks to everyone who made the second book launch a success. I’m really pleased with the coverage, interviews, reviews, and of course, sales! Hope everyone is enjoying the book, and I’ll get back to more interesting, less sales-related, posting next week.

Just a quick post to let you know that paperback versions of both books are now available through the CreateSpace store (see the links here on the Buy the Books page) and directly on Amazon.com. Hope this helps anyone looking for a good read or wanting to give the books to a friend who might not like e-readers.

The books are gorgeous. The cover art looks fantastic, and I’m very pleased with the end product. It’s a 6X9 inch paperback (there it is on my laptop, it’s bigger than I was expecting, forgive the phone photo) printed on good quality paper stock. At $11.99, I think it’s a very good value. Both books are over 400 pages, so printing costs were fairly high. I tried to keep the books as affordable as possible.

I’m also considering doing a direct sales link from this website for signed books, but only if there is enough interest. I think I’d be able to make them pretty reasonable and offer readers the option to have the books personalized. Let me know what you think in the comments.

In other book news, revisions on The Force of Wind are coming along, and I’ll be posting updates as we get closer to publication (which is looking to be late February or early March) and I’m having a fantastic and challenging time working on the first draft of Book 4. I hope that you’ll check out the Journal Jabber interview I did on Tuesday, if you get the chance. The gals there asked some great questions about the future of the series and managed to wrangle some info from me about Book 3. Sneaky Amy.

Have a great weekend, and back to regular posting next week!



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