Teaser Tuesday: “Loulan Girl” and The Force of Wind

An ancient silk fragment from the Loulan Kingdom

For those of you who have read the first chapter of The Force of Wind at the end of book two, you know that in book three, Gio and Beatrice will heading to the far East. I had an amazing time researching and writing about the fascinating mythology and culture of China, and it also let me delve more into the history of one of my favorite Elementals characters, Tenzin.

My research also inspired one fantastic playlist for book three. As I’ve mentioned before, music is really important to me, and the wealth of Western and Eastern music I listened to while writing The Force of Wind was amazing. I’m going to wait to post the entire playlist (it’s very spoiler-ish) but I wanted to share this song by the Twelve Girls Band called “Loulan Girl.” The TGB is a group of traditional musicians from China that play a mix of modern and traditional music with some incredibly cool instruments like the one featured here, which is the duxianqin, or lone string zither. The instrument has only one string, and is played by manipulating a metal rod on the body that changes the harmonics. Watch the video, it’s kind of amazing.

And here’s a little teaser from the beginning of The Force of Wind:

 [Tenzin] let loose a string of incomprehensible words that Beatrice couldn’t even begin to translate.  It didn’t sound like any language she’d ever heard before, and it was definitely not Mandarin.

Zhang replied in the same strange, guttural tongue.  [Beatrice] looked up at Giovanni.

“What, um, what language is that?” she whispered, trying to distract him, as Tenzin and Zhang had a very vocal argument while the whole company looked on.


“What language are they speaking?”  She looked around.  “No one looks like they understand what they’re saying.”

“They don’t.” Beatrice saw him take a deep breath and the calm mask fell over his face.  “It’s their own language.  I suspect anyone who speaks it died long ago…or Tenzin and her father killed them so they could converse without eavesdroppers.”

Somehow, that didn’t seem implausible.

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