Looking ahead to 2012 in the Elemental Mysteries World

Colosseum at Christmas by Borrecuaeddie

Hello again, dear readers! I hope you all had wonderful holiday celebrations and are ready for the New Year. At my house, we tend to spread the holidays out, so we’ve still got delayed family celebrations with one set of grandparents and are waiting for other family to arrive from outside the States!

It seems like everyone is posting best of lists and top tens. I published Ten Things I Learned About Independent Publishing in 2011 over at my writing site, Spare Some Prose, but I wanted to take a few minutes to give you a look ahead at where I see the Elemental Mysteries series in the next year.

While I’ve always planned on Giovanni and Beatrice’s story arc to be finished in four books (which are already planned out) I’ve also had some ideas for other books in the Elemental Mysteries “world.” Some of these will depend on what I’m inspired to write, and some will depend on reader interest. As I’ve mentioned in interviews, a companion book for Carwyn is already in the works. I’m planning and time-lining that book as I finish the first draft of Book 4. (Take a look at the picture above for a spoiler for Book 4.) I also have another series featuring two familiar characters that I’m pretty sure is going to happen after Carwyn’s book is done.

After that? Who knows! I’m always getting ideas. I may do some novella length work with some of these characters. No doubt, I’ll eventually move on to other stories and different worlds, but I have a few more tales to tell in this one yet.

I thank you for reading my books and being interested in these characters. Sharing them with you, getting your feedback, hearing what you’ve enjoyed (and even what you haven’t) has been one of my favorite parts of 2011. I hope you keep reading. If you’ve enjoyed one of my books, or if you haven’t, I hope you might consider posting a review on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or wherever you bought it. I love to read reviews and a thoughtful review is very helpful for other readers when they’re looking for books.

by Lalupa

I’ll be announcing a new contest next week on the website, along with some other exciting news, so I hope you check it out! The grand prize for the contest is…an Advanced Reading Copy of The Force of Wind! That’s right, one reader will have the chance to read an ARC of Book 3 before it is released. Next week, I’ll let you know how to enter, so stop by!

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful New Year!

Elizabeth Hunter


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