“Dream cast” Dr. Giovanni Vecchio from A Hidden Fire

Okay, readers, it’s time. This is the post to nominate who you think looks the closest to Dr. Giovanni Vecchio. I hope you were able to struggle through your assignment of looking up pictures of handsome men online. I know it was a sacrifice, and I want you to know that I appreciate it. (Claps for hard-working readers.) I also wish you luck in the drawing for the ARC of book three. Good luck!

A few passages from A Hidden Fire:

She heard his soft accent as he approached and saved the file she was working on before she looked up with a smile.  He was wearing a pair of dark-rimmed glasses and a grey jacket that evening.  His face was angular, handsome in a way that reminded her of one of the photographs in her art history textbook.  His dark, curly hair and green eyes were set off by a pale complexion that seemed out of place on someone with a Mediterranean background.

…As always, she noticed the seemingly incongruent features which only added to the mystery he presented.

His fingers were long and graceful, reminding her more of an artist than a scholar, but the body beneath his casually professional wardrobe looked like that of a trained athlete.  He appeared fastidious in his appearance, but his hair always seemed just a bit too long.  No matter how he was dressed, [Beatrice] always smiled when she saw his expression; his concentrated frown and preoccupied gaze were one hundred percent academic.

Remember though, these are your nominations! I want to hear who you see (or close to it) when you read the books, so it does not have to match the book’s description exactly. I just wanted to put a little reminder up for those who haven’t read Fire in a while.

Now, some of you listed your ideas in the post on Tuesday and, while I love your enthusiasm, I think you have a very generous impression of how organized my brain is. So, if you have a nomination (just for Gio in this post) go ahead and put it in the comments section, along with a link to a picture if you like. (Please try to keep it safe for work, small children, and sensitive dogs.) If I keep them all in one place, I won’t forget to enter anyone into the drawing for The Force of Wind ARC.

You may offer as many ideas as you like, but you’ll be entered once for each character you have a nomination for. Otherwise, it might get a little crazy. Or, I might be over-estimating how much interest this is going to generate, hmm… Even if you don’t want the ARC (Sarah, I’m looking at you, crazy chick) put your nominations up for everyone to see! I can’t wait to get your ideas.

So, nominate away! I’ll also be posting over on Facebook if you want to throw some pictures up over there, go for it.

Thanks for reading and nominating!



23 thoughts on ““Dream cast” Dr. Giovanni Vecchio from A Hidden Fire

    1. E Hunter says:

      I have no idea who he is, but I like him. *nodnod*

      And I honestly don’t have a single clear picture in my mind. Many come close, but I can’t really say that this actor or that one is exact. That’s why I’m letting you readers choose. I LOVE seeing all your ideas!

  1. Karen says:

    As I said on Tuesday, I always thought David Gandy was your inspiration for Gio, so that’s who is stuck in my head when I’m reading. Not that this is a problem, mind you. I enjoy him rolling around in there. 😉

  2. Ron C. Nieto says:

    Y’know, the most difficult thing for me to find is a proper hair. There’s guys who have the looks and maybe even the eyes… but not the hair!

    So, I’m offering up this particular shot of – dang, I forgot his name again! He played Adam Brody, or something like that. If he were a bit older, and he kept the casual/elegant look and the hair, I think Gio might look something like this.


  3. Grace says:

    I love Joe Manganiello, but think he is a bit big for Gio. Reading the books I picture Richard Armitage, not Italian but dark and gorgeous. I think someone needs to cast him as a vamp 🙂

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