The Force of Wind: Another teaser and a peek at the playlist for Book Three

A detail from the Shaolin Temple

Here’s another teaser for your Tuesday, where I tell you a little more (just a little) about a character I hinted at in This Same Earth.

He’s a water vampire with a mysterious background. He’s Don Ernesto’s favored son. And he’s a character that takes a much bigger role in The Force of Wind. I can’t wait for you to get to know Baojia.


“Stop after this and watch.”

[Beatrice] finished the last turn and moved to the benches to watch him.  Baojia was not an ordinarily eye-catching figure.  His even features were handsome, but not striking.  He spoke even less than Giovanni did, but she had discovered when he did, he had a dry and amusing humor that put her at ease.

It wasn’t until he moved that her eyes were drawn to him like a magnet.  If she hadn’t been studying martial arts for years, he might have made it look easy.  But Beatrice could detect the iron control, keen reflexes, and barely restrained ferocity of the vampire.  No matter what move he made, he looked smooth, effortless, as if the complicated sequences he performed came as natural to him as breathing did to her.

Shaolin monks in demonstration

I also wanted to give you another look at the playlist for the book. The song today is an older one by Shakira called, Ojos Así (Eyes Like Those) and here is a translation of part of the lyrics:

Le pido al cielo sólo un deseo

Que en tus ojos yo pueda vivir

He recorrido ya el mundo entero

y una cosa te vengo a decir

Viajé de Bahrein hasta Beirut

Fuí desde el norte hasta el polo sur

y no encontré ojos así

Como los que tienes tú


I ask the sky only one thing

That in your eyes I can live

I have wandered around the entire world

and I have come to tell you just one thing

I travelled from Bahrein to Beirut

I went from the north to the south pole

and I never found eyes like those

Like those that you have

The video quality is not that great, but the song is amazing and worth a listen when you get a chance. I perfect collision of East and West. It’s fantastic!

The post for Beatrice nominations will be up on Thursday, so start looking for who you see when you read our favorite librarian.

Thanks for reading,



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