“Dream Cast” the Elemental Mysteries: Carwyn!

It’s the moment you Carwyn fans have been waiting for. Gio? Who needs Gio when you have a crazy redheaded jokester with a big personality and a bigger grin? Today is the day I take nominations for our favorite, and most unconventional, priest. Now, I don’t get very specific about his looks, so feel free to go wild, folks. With Carwyn, it’s all about that sense of humor shining through. I cannot wait to see who you nominate.

Here’s a few bits from A Hidden Fire when you first meet him, and the Polyvore set above is how I envision his wardrobe.

The new vampire almost tripped up the landing, his wild auburn hair flying and a grin overtaking his face as he peeked at Beatrice, who was still hiding behind Caspar.

“Now, Cas, tell her I won’t bite, will you?” Carwyn grinned and shot a wink at her. Beatrice stepped out from Caspar‘s shadow to examine Giovanni’s friend more carefully.

Carwyn stuck out a hand. “Father Carwyn ap Bryn, my dear.”

And another bit…

[Beatrice] grinned when she thought of Carwyn. Since their meeting, the unusual priest had charmed her, although she didn’t know what to make of him at first. He looked like he had been turned in his thirties, but had the personality and humor of a teenager. He wore the ugliest Hawaiian shirts she had ever seen, but still seemed to attract more than his share of female attention when he and Giovanni had visited the library together.

That’s it. Go wild.

Remember, all readers who offer nominations are entered into the contest for the ARC of Book Three, The Force of Wind. You’ll get it weeks before the book is released, so if you haven’t offered a nomination for Beatrice or Gio, go ahead and scroll back! Those nominations are not closed.

Hope you have a great weekend. Next week? Tenzin!



20 thoughts on ““Dream Cast” the Elemental Mysteries: Carwyn!

      1. Gabriela says:

        Yes, I meant darker. Well, anyway, paint him red and he’ll fit the description. 😀 I love his freckles too. That can never be wrong ❤

  1. Nicole says:

    Alan Tudyk. The second I read the Hawaiian shirt bit, I could just imagine Carwyn in space playing with some toy dinosaurs!

  2. ARedheadThing says:

    Because you know this is such a HUGE surprise coming from me :-p

    I’d say Ewan McGregor is my first choice. He can pull off both the humorous and charming side of Carwyn but the sometimes serious side. And that man could wear a brown paper sack and look good! http://www.beyondhollywood.com/uploads/2008/04/ewan-mcgregor-2.jpg

    But I also have to nominate my other love here, James McAvoy. You’d have to dye his hair to a redder shade, but he’s got the personality and charm to pull Carwyn off too. Not to mention, again, I’d put him in a Hawaiian shirt no problem! http://0.tqn.com/d/movies/1/0/n/1/R/penelopepic11.jpg

  3. Grace says:

    I love Michael Fassbender but how about the lovely Kevin McKidd, Scottish not Welsh but I am sure he would look good in the shirts. Simon Wood might be good, he was great in Rome. I Also like the lovely Toby Stephens he is sort of reddish lol In 10 years or so Rupert Grint might do a good job. Another possiblity is Jonathan Rhys-Myers, not a redhead but that didn’t stop him playing Henry VIII in The Tudors. For a redhead with pure humour and a big personality how about Simon Pegg, I can just imagine him in the shirts 🙂

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