Help me “cast” the Elemental Mysteries: Tenzin

Happy Thursday, my dear readers! I loved all your nominations for Carwyn last week. That priest gets a lot of love, but now it’s time to nominate one of the more intriguing members of our Elementals family. She’s mysterious. She’s ancient. And you’ll learn a lot more about her in the upcoming third book, The Force of Wind. Here’s a few snippets about Tenzin:

[Giovanni] heard a chirp from the low hanging magnolia tree and glanced up to see the small vampire perched on a branch, her legs dangling and her feet bare.  She appeared to be no more than sixteen or seventeen years old, and her glossy black hair fell in two sheets that framed her face.  Her eyes were a clouded grey and beautifully tilted by an ancient hand, but when the girl smiled, vicious fangs curled behind her lips like the talons of some primeval bird of prey.

A strange calm settled over him.

“Hello, Tenzin.”

And here’s a bit of Tenzin in action:

She was perched on the edge of the cliff, darting over and around her attackers as she ripped at them with her talon-like fangs and tiny hands.  She moved so quickly he could barely track her, but she paused in midair to meet his eyes.

“Go!  Find him,” she yelled before grasping two vampires by the necks and swinging them around until their bodies detached and sailed into the sea.

Tenzin, to be frank, is a badass. I can’t imagine she pays too much attention to her clothes, but here’s a Polyvore set I put together for you.

So, let’s hear what you think. Who would you nominate to play a 5000 year old wind vampire who likes to rip throats? And remember, all nominations enter you to win a contest for the ARC of Book Three, The Force of Wind.

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17 thoughts on “Help me “cast” the Elemental Mysteries: Tenzin

  1. Ron C. Nieto says:

    Tenzin! Love her 🙂 And I do have a couple of suggestions… I guess… The first would be Mikako Tabe, specially in this picture, because of the hair and childish look –

    If that’s too childish, I think Oomasa Aya could pull her off, too. Here’s a shot of hers:

    What do you think? How far off the mark am I this time? lol

  2. Karen says:

    Gosh, I’m not familiar with a lot of Asian actresses, so this one is hard. I like Chase-the-waves’ suggestion, though. She seems to fit the bill. I’ll also suggest Michaela Conlin from Bones – – I just love her on that show.

    I can’t wait to learn more about Tenzin!

  3. glamouredbyeric says:

    I think Ziyi Zhang would make a great Tenzin. She’s a good little actress and we’ve seen her fly in some of her Chinese action flicks (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; Hero; Rush Hour 2; House of Flying Daggers). She has that delicate, ageless look that allows her to play a wide age range.

    1. E Hunter says:

      Ziyi Zhang is a great idea. I’ll confess, I watched this video on YouTube a LOT while I was plotting fight scenes in Book Three:

      It’s a fight scene from Crouching Tiger and shows a whole variety of weapons. Great stuff!

  4. Grace says:

    I have this vision of Tenzin looking very fragile, until you see her fangs lol

    I don’t know a lot of Asian actresses who look young enough for Tenzin.

    I like Yifei Liu

    Also Nan Zhang from Gossip Girl comes to mind.

    Tiffany Espensen looks perfect but she is only 12 .

  5. Elsy says:

    You have to look at a few fotos of Ryoko Hirosue because SHE is Tenzin, just the perfect match between fragile and beautiful and force underneeth….
    And just for you to know you have fans in France (where I come from ) :p

      1. Elsy says:

        Sure Ziyi is fantastic for the role but she’s now so famous it kills it a little bit for me….but I totally agree with you she would be a very fine Tenzin 🙂

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