Elemental Mysteries “dream cast”—Caspar

Sorry I’ve been MIA this week! Lots going on in the family and I sent Advanced Reading Copies out to reviewers. Time for another nomination and a chance to win an ARC of Book Three! Drawing will be two weeks from today.

Now, when we first meet Caspar Davidson, a reader might think that he’s just another loyal butler/servant/Alfred to Gio’s Batman kind of guy. I hope by the end of the book, you’ll have figured out that there’s a lot more to this character than just a stock persona. Caspar’s a fascinating guy, and maybe someday, I’ll write down a little more of his backstory for you all. (Incidentally, I’ve had more questions about Caspar’s name than any other character. Feel free to look it up. It was chosen for a reason.) Needless to say, he’s not your typical butler. He’s also…well, a bit of a charmer, but you’ve probably figured that out.

I don’t give a lot of physical description for Cas. He grew up in England, mostly. He’s sixty-three at the beginning of the series, and I think you can tell from his interests (cars, wine, gourmet cooking…horror movies?) that he’s kind of a debonair guy. As charming as Giovanni can be taciturn, Caspar’s definitely his own character. Here’s just a bit from A Hidden Fire:

When he reached [the car], he saw the slight flare of the cigarette as Caspar leaned against the black Mercedes sedan.

“A good evening, Gio?”

Giovanni frowned at his old friend, flicking the cigarette out of Caspar‘s mouth as he approached the door. He stood in front of the man, looking down on him as he spoke. “I don‘t like the cigarettes. I thought you had given them up.”

Caspar looked up with a mischievous grin. “If I‘m only living for eighty years or so, I‘m going to enjoy them.”

Cas also…well, he does love the ladies.

Caspar shrugged. “Fine, very little traffic this morning. We made it to the university with plenty of time before her first class. Parking on that campus is absolutely hideous first thing in the morning.”


“She‘s lovely, by the way. Surveillance photos never really do a woman justice. She has the most lovely skin, and that hair—”

“Caspar, you know what I‘m asking, please don‘t make me kill you.”

A frown settled onto Caspar‘s face and he cleared his throat. “She was a bit…discomfited. I suppose it‘s understandable. She asked that I give you a message.”

“What was the message?”

“Don’t call me; I’ll call you.”

You can see the Polyvore set I put together for our favorite butler at the top of the post. Give me your ideas, dear readers! I can’t wait to see what you think. I was blown away by the amazing suggestions for Carwyn and Tenzin the last couple of weeks. Just one more after this, and it’s our baddie, Lorenzo!

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8 thoughts on “Elemental Mysteries “dream cast”—Caspar

  1. Karen says:

    I hate to be cliche’, but I always see Michael Caine. However, after reading your excerpts, I think he’s probably too tall for Caspar.

    Ok, I just found out that you can search IMDB by birth year and was surprised at some of the names that fit into this age range – Richard Gere, Anthony Head (from Buffy) and David Strathairn are promising candidates.

    As you can see, I’m undecided. Gah!

    1. E Hunter says:

      Hey, nothing cliche about Michael Caine! He may have played Alfred, but he’s a pretty suave guy. 😉

      And it’s hard for me to realize that Anthony Head fits in this age range. (cringe) I’m feeling my age!

  2. Grace says:

    Michael Caine came to my mind too. I am torn between David McCallum and the wonderful Alan Rickman even though it pains me to think of him as being old enough. Anthony Head was fantastic playing a retired jewel thief in The Invisibles but he will always be the Gold Blend Guy to me so I just can’t see him as Caspar. Sir Ian McKellan also comes to mind.

  3. Grace says:

    After seeing him on telly I had another thought, I forgot all about Nigel Havers, he is another one I can’t believe is now in his sixties.


    That is his most recent pic on IMDB, he is the one in the Tux, not the yummy David Tennant lol He is 60 in the pic, he is now almost 63. I think he has the charm and humour needed for Caspar.

  4. Cageyspice says:

    What about Max von Sydow? You get that Caine/Plummer-esque thing without the Alfred comparison. Plus, I feel like those 2 always get roles like that. Max could totally pull off the cool, cunning Caspar. But best of all, he has smiley eyes…all the better for wooing Isadora!


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