Official release date for The Force of Wind and a teaser!

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I’ve left you for a couple weeks with no peek ahead at the third book, which I’m happy to say, will be officially released on March 6, 2012! Just about one month from today. On Thursday, we’ll have the last nominations for the “dream cast” that you all have been so amazing to help me with. Your nominations have been stellar. After that, I’ll allow a one week for final nominations before I do the drawing for The Force of Wind ARC for one lucky reader!

I’ve had a few snippets of review love back from advanced readers and so far, it’s being very well received. Here is the profile on GoodReads if you want to add it. I just can’t wait to hear what you all think of it. In the meantime, here’s your teaser from the third book featuring a little scene between Gio and Baojia:

The longer he watched her, the faster his heart beat.

She was astonishing.

A vision of her transformed assaulted him.  Lithe grace turned into preternatural strength and speed.  Fangs gleaming in her mouth as she pierced his skin.  Her smooth, pale skin crackling with energy when she touched him.

Imagining Beatrice as an immortal was undeniably alluring.  Yet, it still filled him with guilt.

“She’ll be stunning when she turns,” Baojia murmured next to him.

Giovanni glared at him, irritated that his thoughts had been so closely mirrored by the other vampire.

“She’s stunning now.”

Baojia just cocked an amused eyebrow at him.

“She plans on it.  Why else would she practice as she does?”  He folded his legs and hands in a meditative pose.  “I think it was in the back of her mind even before you came back.”


“I remember the first martial arts class she took.  Introductory tai chi.  Ernesto was very pleased.  Beatrice says Tenzin suggested it.  Very forward thinking of your old partner; it will help immeasurably with physical control.”

Giovanni wanted the water vampire to shut up.  He disliked being reminded of the years where Baojia had watched over Beatrice, and he had not.  He decided to change the subject.

Hmmm. Intrigue and unexpected turns are in store for all the players on the mysterious Penglai Island. And before I go, here’s another look at a song from the playlist for this book. I listen to a lot of instrumental music when I’m writing. Classical. Soundtracks. Here’s another traditional Chinese instrumental piece from the very cool Twelve Girls Band called, Clouds of the Sky:

Thanks for reading!



3 thoughts on “Official release date for The Force of Wind and a teaser!

  1. kathy79 says:

    Those were some intensely sexy thoughts, and he REALLY doesn’t like Baojin, does he? I am sure this will be as exciting a read as the other two, I cannot wait!!!! Kathy

  2. mollyspring says:

    I’m so excited for you, E! Reading this little snippet reminds me how much I love the tension in this book. And Baojia may have replaced a certain Hawaiian shirt wearing vampire priest as my fave supporting character…

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