We have a winner! Contest for ARC of The Force of Wind

So, all in all, I received fifty-five nominations for the “dream cast” of A Hidden Fire. WOW! You guys blew me away with your amazing suggestions. I’m going to spend the next week picking the three that come closest to how I see the characters and then next week, I’ll be putting up a poll and you get to vote for the winners. Again, thank you to everyone who participated. It was truly fun and very enlightening to hear who you see when you read my books. Love it!

So, the carrot dangling at the end of this stick has been an advanced reader’s copy of the third book, The Force of Wind. It doesn’t come out until March 6, but I decided that not one, but TWO amazing readers would get an advanced copy. Everyone who offered a nomination was entered once in the drawing for each character they nominated for (some of you had six entries!) In the end, the two winners were…

Linda Larsson (nominated Liam Neeson for Caspar)


Morgan (nominated Paul Bettany for Carwyn)

Thank you both for entering! Both of you offered multiple nominations, so thanks for all your great ideas. Please e-mail me your contact information, and I will send you an ARC of Book Three. My e-mail address is: ElizabethHunterWrites@gmail.com

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the “casting” of the book! And many congratulations to our winners.

Thanks for reading!



2 thoughts on “We have a winner! Contest for ARC of The Force of Wind

  1. Gabriela says:

    Wow, grats to the winners. At least I got the same answer for Carwyn as the winner, hehe. So jealous! Can’t wait for the 6th! 😀


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