New teaser from A Fall of Water: Elemental Mysteries Book 4

Dear wonderfulamazingawesome readers,

Thank you all for making the launch of The Force of Wind: Elemental Mysteries Book 3 such a success along with my blog tour from A Tale of Many Reviews. I’ve been overwhelmed by the positive reception and growing enthusiasm for the series, and I want to thank all of you who have read, reviewed, and recommended my books to friends and family.

If I could ask my readers for anything more at this point, it would be to please consider leaving a review where you bought your copy of the book, whether at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Smashwords. Honest reviews really do help potential readers find what they’re looking for in the crowded marketplace of the Kindle or Nook stores. If you have the time, I would greatly appreciate it!

For those of you who have already bought and read The Force of Wind, you also got the first chapter of A Fall of Water at the end of the book. You may also have noticed that there was a year missing from the timeline!

My, oh my. What did Gio and B get up to in that missing year? Never fear, I have twelve scenes from their missing year in the Cochamo Valley to share with you to tide you over until the fourth book is released. Twelve scenes for twelve weeks (approximately the time until the next book release).

See? I’m not so mean.

Warning: If you have NOT read The Force of Wind yet, do not read these scenes! They are highly spoilerish for the third book as they take place immediately after.

So, if you’re anxiously awaiting the fourth book in the series, here is your teaser to tide you over: January.

Thanks for reading,



3 thoughts on “New teaser from A Fall of Water: Elemental Mysteries Book 4

  1. Cheryl Burgdorf Vanker says:

    Well I guess waiting twelve weeks isn’t so bad when you consider how long some authors take to publish another book. The teasers will help with the waiting. What is bad and makes me sad is that it is the last in the series. I will just have to wait for your next project. Thank you for writing such unforgettable and wonderful books!

    1. E Hunter says:

      Thanks, Cheryl! And you’ll be happy to know that I’m currently working on a companion novel in the series featuring our favorite Hawaiian-shirt-wearing vampire! 😉

  2. Marion says:

    my apologies for sending that. I am new to this thread. I had another comment written but it didn’t seem to get posted as I thought it would. I love your writing and eagerly await book four in the series. You really are an outstanding writier and thank you for sharing your talent with all of us

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