What’s the big deal about noses? And a new teaser for Book Four.

It is a very handsome nose, David.

Hello my lovely readers!

Just a quick post today to remind you of your weekly teaser for A Fall of Water is posted here. And I’m also featured over on the very kind Jennifer M. Barry’s blog, Life in Words, where she wrenches great secrets from me like who Doyle the Cat is based on and what color my umbrella is. It’s hard-hitting journalism, folks, don’t miss it. And if you like Jennifer’s interview, make sure to drop her a comment and wander around. She’s had some great writers featured over there!

Jennifer and I got into a very silly twitter conversation about the odd search terms that lead readers to our sites. My favorite of hers was “creepy Liam.” (I think she’s the top hit on Google for that one!) My oddest would have to be either “mathematics in zoology” or “David Gandy nose.” (Which, apparently, led NINE readers to this site in one day!) People, I have no idea. I think the lovely Mr. Gandy has a picture posted of him in the dream cast vote, but as far as I know, I’ve never blogged about his nose. With that kind of popularity, though, maybe I should think about it.

Anyway, I know a lot of people reading here have their own blogs, so tell me: What’s the strangest search term that’s ever led to your blog?

Thanks for reading,



6 thoughts on “What’s the big deal about noses? And a new teaser for Book Four.

  1. moxiemollymo says:

    so i think the most ridiculous search term that has ever directed someone to my fanfic site is “raunchy santa text message”. but i also think it’s funny that the number one search is “irony”. 🙂

  2. chiisaikitty says:

    “Eric and Sookie thrusting” and “nordstrom floor plan” were some of the highlights for my fanfiction blog, while “patterns of dresses” in Russian was certainly the most interesting term that got someone to my DIY Fashionista blog.

  3. Sarah says:

    I’d never actually checked before you asked, and my blog doesn’t get too much traffic. But apparently I have sheet music for “give me a shoulder to cry on”, information on what to do if your date has a foot fetish and some dirty ones…. I don’t even want to tell you… one was asking for illustrations of something, and one was about flicking a rubber band on something …. *shudder* … I’m gonna go wash my eyes with soap.

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