A New Teaser and an AMAZING Giveaway/Fundraiser

Good morning, Elemental Mystery readers!

Well, I’m coming up to the end of my edits for A Fall of Water: Elemental Mysteries Book Four. Then, I put the manuscript in the very capable hands of my editor, Amy Eye, who will brush everything up and get it ready to deliver to you all in June. (Which is approaching very fast—yikes!)

Though things have been a little crazy on the home front lately (including an unexpected move back to Central California for me), I’m very excited to get the last volume of Gio and B’s story to you readers. Fingers crossed, the cover might be done next week, too. I’ll let you know!

In other publishing news, my contemporary romance, The Genius and the Muse, releases next week. More importantly, I’m taking part in an amazing fundraiser/giveaway for a very good cause. Please check out the information here to find out how you can win over fifty signed copies from many different authors, including at least three current NYT Bestsellers. I’m proud to be in this group and so happy to contribute a signed copy of A Hidden Fire to the grand prize. Please check out the giveaway and fundraiser and spread the word online. It’s a very worthy cause.

And be sure to click the link for your new teaser from book four: July 2011.

Thanks for reading and have a peaceful week,



One thought on “A New Teaser and an AMAZING Giveaway/Fundraiser

  1. Alison Griffiths says:

    Done and done, thanks for bringing this to our attention! How do we bribe Amy to work faster? JK Amy! Looking forward to June.

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