News. Links. And what do you know? A brand new book.

Good morning, Elemental Mysteries fans!

Today is a good day. Why? Well, today, the finished manuscript of A Fall of Water goes to my lovely editor Amy Eye. There, in her magic cave of editing, she shall wave her magic editing wand, chant to the punctuation gods, and offer libations of black coffee ALL in the quest to get the book ready for you—the readers—in June.

See, it’s all very mystical. Right, Amy?

To keep you entertained until then, I have NEWS. Lovely news. Prizewinning news. Teasing news.

Yes, there is a new teaser posted here. It’s a short one, but I promise next week’s packs a solid punch.

Advanced Reading Copies of A Fall of Water will be going out to reviewers soon, and there might just be a way that you could win one, too! Be looking for contest news in the next week or so.

And, just to mention for readers who like contemporary romance, The Genius and the Muse releases today! It’s been getting very good advance reviews, and I hope you might download a sample if you’re interested. It’s a love story, of course, but it’s also about life and family, betrayal and reconciliation. It’s set in the art world and is a story that is very close to my heart. The links to buy the book are all right here. The paperback is already available for order at Amazon and should be in expanded distribution in the next few weeks. The Kindle and Nook editions are selling for $3.99, and the paperback is $11.99.

Hope you have a great week, and I’ll be posting more interesting trivia in the coming weeks, now that the month-of-many-manuscripts is over!

Thanks for reading,



4 thoughts on “News. Links. And what do you know? A brand new book.

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    I Will have to return again whenever my course load lets up – nonetheless I am taking your Rss feed so i can read your internet site offline. Cheers.

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