Elemental Mysteries Playlists are posted and updated!

So, I held off on posting the playlists for The Force of Wind because the songs toward the end were really spoiler-ish, but I have updated them here if you want to take a look. I’ve also built a playlist for A Fall of Water. You’ll notice a lot of songs repeat, especially from the very first book, which is appropriate.

In many ways, A Fall of Water goes back to the first book. Back to beginnings for characters and their secrets. It’s about history and origins, so the songs on the playlist reflect that. The one song that I can never find, which is, in many ways, the song for the whole series, is an older song by Sarah Brightman called Anytime, Anywhere. I’ve posted a YouTube video of her performing it live. It is theatrical in… well, only the way Sarah Brightman can be, but the song is incredible. If you can, look up the lyrics and their translation online.

And here is the playlist for A Fall of Water, if you want to take a look. I’ll just give you the link, since I can never get those playlists to embed correctly.


Happy almost-Friday, everyone!


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