Thank you for reading.

Dear Readers,

Last October, I published a book. It was called A Hidden Fire. For a few readers, it was anticipated. I had been posting teasers and bits of it on my blog for a while. I had written about my journey in independent publishing and my reasons for taking this path. So, from the beginning, there have been some very dedicated readers who have followed me on this crazy ride.

Earlier this week, I published the fourth and final book in this small series, A Fall of Water. I could never have anticipated the response that it would bring. Readers e-mailing me to tell me how much they were looking forward to it. Tweets. Facebook posts. Blog posts and forum threads. Offers of home-baked pecan pies in return for early copies of the book. (You know who you are.) It was incredibly flattering.

When I sold a modest number of books in October, I was grateful. But this response—the response of so many—to the last Elemental Mysteries book and news of an expanded series set in this world. This response has been more than I could have hoped for nine months ago.

Thank you.

Your response, your encouragement, your reviews and your continued support of this series are amazing. Life-changing in ways you could not possibly realize. Thank you for making this release for A Fall of Water my best release yet.

Thanks to all the amazing bloggers who participated in the tour, and thanks to the Goodreads group, Gotta Have Paranormal Romance with a Kick, for the fun Q&A Forum. I had a blast, ladies!

As a thank you, I’m unlocking the prologue to Carwyn’s book, Building From Ashes, which will be released this winter. No, I don’t have a more specific date than that, but I promise I will let you know when I do.

Thank you for buying my books, thank you for reviewing, thank you for telling your friends. Happy readers are my best advertising. You rock.

Thank you for reading,



9 thoughts on “Thank you for reading.

  1. dougmeeks says:

    I hardly think most of your readers feel they have done much more than enjoy one of the better pieces of fiction in years 🙂 I can say that myself and most of my fellow readers in the forums have expressed that feeling. We will probably enjoy the afterglow of this series and give you a month or two before we start clamoring for more , we are after all is said and done selfish and demanding when we get a taste of really compelling stories as opposed to a lot of the tripe we read and try to tell ourselves we really liked it LOL. Keep up the outstanding work.

    1. E Hunter says:

      Thank you so much, Doug. You guys are seriously the best. I have the best readers out there. There was no money into advertising for this book. No budget for promotion. I really counted on just writing a good book and hoping happy readers would spread the word and you all have been amazing. I am so grateful.

  2. Vanessa Coutu says:

    I have been a life-long reader. I have well over 600 books in my Kindle. I have many books on my shelf, and at 50 + years old, that’s a lot of reading. Very few books, let alone series, have left a truly lasting impression on me. Your books have that for me. The flow, the descriptions of the landscape and the powerful emotions in your characters mesh into a complete package. I thank you for this terrific journey, Elemental Mysteries and look forward to many more forays into this world. I wish you Peace and contented writing.

  3. Ute Carlin says:

    Elizabeth, I thoroughly enjoyed all four of the books and was only disappointed, when I finished the last sentence . Your imagination and your wonderful way of leading us to your world are something you can be very , very proud of.

    I am very much looking forward to Carwyns book and dreaming of more in the future ( a girl can hope, right ? ).

    Thank you again for the many entertaining hours you gave us and I know, your books are some , I WILL read again.


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