I want to hear from my readers!

Earth vampires get dirty. Take that however you like.

I haven’t been posting much around here lately because… well, I’ve been writing! And that’s way better than me blogging, right?

I’ve been writing a variety of things, from a short story I’ll publish later this summer (I think) that will introduce my new series, Cambio Springs, to Carwyn’s book, Building From Ashes (I wrote Chapter Twenty-Eight last night! *cough* steamy *cough*). So lots of writing, lots of school prep for the SmallBoy to get him ready for his first conventional classroom this coming fall (he was homeschooled for kindergarten and first grade), and I’ll soon be moving into my new place(!) …which, I haven’t exactly found yet, but I’m working on it.

I wanted to take just a minute here to stop by, say hi, and talk a little more about Carwyn’s book and how I envision the series going forward.

I’m honestly curious how you see it, readers. I’d love to hear in the comments section what your expectations for Building From Ashes are, what you hope to see written in the future, and what intrigues you or turns you off about series books. Because the Elemental Mysteries hasn’t really been a conventional series from the beginning, and I didn’t want it to be. The last thing I wanted was for Gio and Beatrice to be ‘the couple that never ends.’ Really, who wanted to see twelve or thirteen books about the same two characters? After a while, you’d know all their jokes and Gio’s broody nature would just start to get on your nerves.

What I hope to accomplish with this world is not just one good series, but a diverse universe where readers can revisit the things they loved about the original books (and some of their favorite characters), while still exploring new characters, new themes, and new mysteries. Hopefully, that will keep both you, as a reader, and me, as a writer, entertained long into the future.

So, share your thoughts! I want to hear from you. What are your expectations? What do you hope I avoid? What character are you dying to see more of and which one can be stricken from the written page forever?

Can’t wait to hear from you!



15 thoughts on “I want to hear from my readers!

  1. Shanna says:

    I am so excited about Carwyn’s book! I am looking forward to the possibilities of so many books coming from the original series. (Which I loved!) The other character I am most hopeful of reading about is Baojia! He was so intriguing in the first series.

  2. Nancy says:

    I would love to see more of Ben and Tenzin! Of course I would like to have brief updates of Gio and Beatrice’s life too. I absolutely loved the Elemental series and will read anything that is related to it. Thank you so very much for creating this wonderful world with fascinating characters in which I can escape! I’m looking forward to all of your new books!

  3. Ute says:

    First, I am extremely excited , that you re considering to write mow than Gio’s and Beatrice story as well as Carwyns. You really did build a very new and intriguing vampire world and I truly enjoyed it.

    I am with you , when you wrote, that you don’t want to write 13 books about the same couple. As much as I love them, knowing that they worked through their current problems and are together is enough for me and the thought, that they will appear in other books is just a bonus, thank you.

    I imagine, you are planning something similar with Carwyn – meaning – showing up in the Elemental Mystery World , but as a side figure.

    I would love to read something about Tenzin and somehow, maybe it is just me, I get the feeling that she and Bn are connected in some way. I do believe, Ben deserves is own book as well .

    Baojjia ia a given – love to read his story and I would love to know what happened to Lucien Thrax ( he is mystery in himself and I am sure worth a story ).

    ….I see endless opportunities of expanding the Elemental Universe and I am excited to be along the ride .

    Thank you,


  4. luvvamps says:

    I just figure if you write it, we will read it. I do like to read a series but not 13 like you stated. The Elemental Mystery series was just right and I loved The Genies and
    the Muse, I thought it was perfect. I’m really excited to read your short story. What ever you write is going to be good for me. Thanks for writing and keep us informed on all your writing projects

  5. ferdy says:

    I love Carwyn but I thought (maybe wrongly) he already had a great love – I’m not keen on reading about hero’s that have had already had a great love. Anyway I’d love for Carwyn’s heroine to be wordly and educated – I hate when heroine’s get all weak at the knees over the hero because they’ve seen the world and are experienced..just because someone’s in their 20’s doesn’t mean they couldn’t have travelled and had memorable adventures before they met the hero. I’d also like if the heroine doesn’t always think that the hero is attractive and that their not..it seems like most UF/PNR books the heroine is thinking herself as unremarkable and she’s thinking about how powerful and beautiful the hero is…it’s become a cliche.
    I thought Gavin and Denise had a bit of a connection in the last book, I’d love to read more about their possible connection. I’m another fan of Baojia and also Tenzin..I’d like to see them meet their match.
    I wouldn’t mind seeing a heroine who doesn’t want to become immortal..so instead of the heroine having to change for the hero..the hero has to find a way to change to grow old and die with the heroine.
    I also want to see a heroine that still wants biological children after meeting the vampire/immortal hero..I really dislike that every human heroine in PNR/UF is ok with not having their own kids when they meet the immortal hero..it’s so unrealistic that practically EVERY heroine have no desire to have kids because their happy with just falling in love, when in reality most women want to give birth…I loved that in Keri Arthur’s Riley Jensen series even though Riley’s with a vampire she still wants her own children and gets them by having her gay brother’s lover donate sperm.

  6. dougmeeks says:

    Well I can relate to most of the things that people have suggested but one thing I would suggest as an avoidance is anything that tends to make a statement on political/moral issues of the day. We read PNR and like genres to escape such things and I have no desire (and will avoid at all costs) anything that tried to drag them into my entertainment of reading. I read for entertainment, not for enlightenment, if I need enlightenment I won’t be reading PNR. We already have a few authors that inject their beliefs/bitterness/morals (misplaced or otherwise) into their writings and I just add them to the trash heap. Obviously, any writer that writes with passion is going to have some of what they believe in their writing but there is a fine line where it becomes a message (subtle or otherwise) that most people really don’t want to hear. Your writings have avoided that pitfall and in spite of suggestions to the contrary I hope it continues that way. I think it is safe to say I am a huge fan of all your writings to date and hope to continue that far into the future. People may read books with a lot of angst in them but at the end of the day most normal people are looking for that HEA that is rare in most realities 🙂

  7. Cipluk Adi says:

    I’ve just finished “A Fall of Water” two days ago and read the preview of “Building From Ashes”. I can’t wait to read about Ben and Tenzin. Hope you’ve got a lot of their story in your new book.

  8. Louise says:

    Hi Elizabeth. I’ve read all four books and absolutely loved them. You write some of the best secondary characters out there- hats off to you! My favorites are Tenzin and Ben- you left me hopeful by the end of ‘A Fall of Water’, please start writing them NOW;) I’m impatient! Keep up the great work.

  9. lynnlynn2009 says:

    Like others have said, I am very interested in learning more about Tenzin and Ben. I thought it was just me when I saw a connection forming there, so I’m glad some one else said it. While I love Carwyn’s character and realize there is a story there, I just can’t deny I want to read more about Tenzin and Ben

  10. Christine says:

    More Ben and Tenzin!!!!! I want to see them develope into a serious couple. They look like they have something special between them.

  11. Liz says:

    I have a weak spot for Frenchmen so maybe some more about Jean! Also I loved watching Ben grow up so a follow up with him would be great! I don’t see him with Tenzin at all though. She lost her mate and somehow seems way too ‘old’ for him? IDK.

    Loved all four of the EM books, I tore through them in a couple of days. You’ve woven history, mystery and romance into an ‘unputdown-able’ combination!! Really looking forward to Carwyn’s book 🙂

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