Win a signed paperback and check out the new teaser!

Happy Monday, readers! I have some book news, a contest announcement, a chance for book swag, and a short teaser from Building From Ashes: Elemental World Book One.

First off, thanks to everyone who took a chance and purchased my new short story, Long Ride Home, over the weekend. I hope you enjoy and, if you could take the time, please leave an honest review wherever you bought it.

Speaking of reviews, I’m going to do another review contest here on the blog! To enter, all you have to do is leave an honest review for any of my books wherever you bought it and send me the link by email. Since I have six (yes, six) stories out, you can enter up to six times. The prize? A signed paperback copy of A Fall of Water: Elemental Mysteries Book Four, personalized to whoever you like. I am NOT putting any geographical restrictions on this contest, so it is open to international readers, as well. (And I’m just going to pray the shipping costs don’t kill me!)

If you’re a fan of the series, you might want to check out my new CafePress store for the Elemental Mysteries! There are t-shirts, totes, coffee cups (you guessed that one, right?) and lots of other cool gear featuring the book covers and quotes from the series. This tote may be my favorite:

Perfect for the library, right?

I had fun putting the store together, so I hope you might take a look. Let me know what you think!

In writing news, I’m starting on the first Cambio Springs novel this month and also digging into the editing on Carwyn’s book, which still looks like an early winter release. To tide you over, here’s another small teaser below the fold:

 Wicklow Mountains, Ireland

May 2005

“So, Paddy and Mick—“

“This is the last joke or you can carve a new room into this mountain and sleep in the dirt, Ioan.”

Ioan grinned and pulled his wife into his lap as Carwyn burst into laughter. “No, my love, you’ll like this one. So Paddy and Mick are driving to Cork City, and they need to answer the call of nature. They pull to the side of the road and go into the bushes—“

“A piss joke?” Deirdre rolled her eyes and tried to stand, but Ioan only laughed and pinched her lips together as Carwyn took another drink of his beer.

“They both start pissin’ and Mick looks over to Paddy. ‘Paddy, he says, I wish I was as well-hung as you are, my friend. I can see that you’re using four fingers to hold yerself.’ And Paddy says to Mick, ‘Ah, Mick, yer fine, lad. And I see you’re using four as well.’ And Mick says, ‘Aye, Paddy, but I’m pissin’ on three of ‘em.’”

Carwyn and Ioan both burst into laughter as Deirdre snorted. Ioan patted her bottom and held her trapped in his lap. “See, my love, aren’t you happy that you married a Welshman?”

“I’m currently feeling the need to go visit Gemma in London.”

Carwyn hooted. “Ioan, if she’s willing to subject herself to shopping with Gemma, you’d better learn some manners.”

“I need a long vacation from my own husband.”

“She would never…” Ioan tugged at a lock of Deirdre’s long red hair and pulled her face down to his. He pursed his lips for a kiss, but she only sneered at him. Undeterred, he chuckled and kissed along her neck, slowly inching his way toward her mouth. “See,” he said between kisses. “She loves me madly.”

Deirdre said, “No, I don’t.”

“Couldn’t live without me.”

“Obnoxious Welshman.”

Carwyn shook his head. “When does the newlywed stage wear off?”

Ioan finally managed to press his lips to Deirdre’s, then he grinned in triumph. “Never! We’ll always be as obnoxious as we are now and scare the children.”

“And your sire, as well.”

Ioan just winked at Deirdre and continued to pin her to his lap. “You’re just jealous, Father. Get your own woman.”

“Eh.” He shrugged. “Too much trouble.”

Have a great week and thanks for reading!



10 thoughts on “Win a signed paperback and check out the new teaser!

  1. Amy Eye says:

    Girl, did you really have to tell me you have a STORE out there?? I only make so much a month… LOL Now I know what I’ll be going broke on for the next few months!! 🙂

  2. Lea says:

    So excited about the new novel with Carwyn, everyone’s favorite Welsh vampire. I definitely will be checking out the new store at CafePress. I’m still trying to keep my teenage son from wearing Hawaiian print shirts. Carwyn is his hero.

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