A New Carwyn Teaser (just because)

Just because I love you, I’m posting a new teaser for Building From Ashes. The timeline in this books is… complicated. It stretches from BEFORE A Hidden Fire starts (so you see a little character history) until AFTER A Fall of Water finishes. As I’m sure lots of you could tell, Carwyn had quite a few things going on in his life that didn’t make it into Gio and Beatrice’s story. So Building From Ashes explores that storyline and also sets up the Elemental World for some new adventures.

This teaser is just a bit of the overlap in the two books. This is a small moment between Beatrice and Carwyn from the five years that Gio was out of her life and she was in Southern California. I mentioned that Carwyn and Tenzin both came to visit her at different times. Here is one of those times:

“Brilliant tradition. Excellent use of explosives.”

He and Beatrice were leaning against a pile of rocks he’d formed to create a kind of shelter from the wind that whipped down the California coast. They were roasting marshmallows on the deserted beach, enjoying the bonfire, and watching the distant fireworks that marked American Independence Day.

Beatrice said, “It is fitting, isn’t it? We do like our violent celebrations.”

“You do. Is this better than the fireworks in Houston?”

“Oh yeah. The rich people put on a great show.”

Carwyn snorted, enjoying the fact that his friend didn’t lump herself in with the rich, despite the rather massive fortune she’d stolen the year before from a vicious water vampire who had kidnapped her. Lorenzo was the estranged son of his friend, Giovanni, and a villain at the core. Carwyn, Giovanni, and their friend, Tenzin had attacked his compound in Greece and rescued Beatrice the year before, driving Lorenzo underground—or underwater, as the case may have been—but Carwyn knew he was still lurking. He also knew that, since helping his friends, he had become a target.

It didn’t concern him. Another hundred years, another enemy to watch out for. When you lived as long as he did, it was inevitable.

He saw Beatrice glancing at the ocean as the tide came in. Few would notice how the waves still made her tense, but she deliberately turned back to the fire and ignored them.

“Too much?” he asked, catching her eye and nodding toward the ocean. “We can always take the bike further up the coast. Plenty of dark left. We can just keep riding if you don’t want to listen to the water.”

She shook her head. “No, this is good. I’m good. I need to get over it, you know? Otherwise…”


She smiled at him. “Sometimes, life hands you things you think you won’t survive. You probably know that better than me.”

He shrugged. “Despite my years, sometimes I feel as if I’ve lived a very charmed life. My family, for the most part, has been safe.”

“But still, things happen. There’s no such thing as complete safety.”

He thought of a dark room and a helpless little girl. “Yes, I suppose you’re right.”

“So when life breaks, you have to pick up the pieces and keep moving. Otherwise, you stay broken. And instead of being a survivor, you’re always a victim.” Beatrice leaned toward the fire and crossed her arms over her chest. “And I don’t want to be known for what happened to me. I want to be known for me.”

“Look at you, wise girl.” He winked at her. “You can handle anything, can’t you?”

“A good friend. A nice warm fire. I can’t handle everything, but I can handle the waves for a bit.”

Can’t wait for all of you to read Carwyn’s story which releases on October 23rd!

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    A preview of my review which won’t be posted on other websites until much closer to the release date until much closer to the release date. Still got to do some HTML editing but comments welcome.


    the below is just a HTML preview so don’t bother to leave comments since they won’t be saved. Feel free to point out any glaring omissions or errors 🙂


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