Official Release: Building From Ashes: An Elemental World Novel

Today is the day! It’s the official release for Building From Ashes, the first book in the Elemental World series.

It’s not often that you get the kind of reader clamor to write about a supporting character the way I did with Carwyn. From the first book, readers e-mailed me, messaged me on Facebook and Twitter, and otherwise made it known that they wanted MORE CARWYN. And while I loved the character, it wasn’t until the middle of the second book that I knew—really knew—he had his own story to tell.


Carwyn glared at Giovanni. “I’ll not change who I am because of a madman. I cast no judgment, but—”

“For God’s sake, Carwyn—”

“Do not take His name in vain among my people, di Spada!” the priest roared, standing up from the table and meeting Giovanni nose-to-nose as they squared off against each other.

“Fine,” Giovanni spit out, “but I’m going to feed, as well. I’ve no interest in principle over survival.”

Giovanni stormed out, leaving Beatrice gaping at them both as Carwyn sat down again, staring at the half-eaten meal in front of him. The humans and vampires in the kitchen dispersed and Beatrice sat silently, at a loss for what to say.

“I’m truly an ass sometimes, aren’t I?” Carwyn finally muttered.

“He’s worried about you. And I think he feels guilty.”

“Why?” He began eating again. “I’m the one that agreed to help him get you back. Isn’t it my fault? Oh, wait, you’re the one we rescued, so maybe it’s your fault.” Beatrice felt tears spring to her eyes as she watched the surly vampire. “No…not your fault, after all, you were only targeted because of your father, so perhaps it’s Stephen De Novo’s fault after all.”


“Or,” he finally looked up at her with a fierce expression in his blue eyes. “It’s the fault of the man who kidnapped my son. Yes…” He nodded and took a gulp from the mug that Sinéad set by his elbow. “I’m sticking with this being Lorenzo’s fault. Because that’s the vampire I’m going to kill if I don’t get my Ioan back.” He wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, smearing it across his jaw in an ominous red streak before he continued inhaling his food. (This Same Earth)


See, every character has to have a catalyst, a reason to go through change after so many years of life. Sadly, for Carwyn, it was the death of his son. And from that point on, Carwyn’s story ran alongside Gio and Beatrice’s in my mind. I knew what he was going through as I wrote their books. I plotted out his and Brigid’s story in my head long before I ever wrote it down. And while he may have been mostly absent from The Force of Wind, he was never far from my mind.

And finally, his book is here. I hope you’ll check out some of the amazing reviews already posted online at some of my favorite blogs:

“Every time I read anything Elizabeth writes I can’t help but immerse myself in her gorgeous, captivating and lively world of elemental vampires completely, so her books for me are always a treat.”–Nocturnal Book Reviews

“Readers who are looking for a good book that screams mystery and romance…Building of Ashes was made for you.” —I Read Indie

“I really enjoyed this book.  Carwyn is compassionate and extremely hilarious.  He’s so cheeky, I love him!  Brigid is strong and independent, asking for help when necessary, complimenting Carwyn greatly.  The plot is pretty involved but easy to get caught up in!   Another stellar story from Elizabeth.”–Sinfully Delicious Book Reviews

In addition to reviews, I hope you’ll check out the rather silly (and very fun to write) conversation that Gio, Beatrice, Carwyn, and Tenzin had at my house the other night about… Halloween costumes. It’s posted over at Fuzzy.Coffee.Books and it might give you a giggle.

And if you have your OWN ideas about what Carwyn should wear as a Halloween costume, please do leave a comment over at the blog tour page to be entered to win a signed paperback of Building From Ashes. The contest runs through the end of the month.

I hope you’ll check out the book on Amazon or Smashwords. (Barnes & Noble, I’m still waiting for you. What’s up?) And please remember to leave an honest review wherever you buy.

Thanks for reading!



4 thoughts on “Official Release: Building From Ashes: An Elemental World Novel

  1. says:

    Elizabeth have any word from Barnes & Noble yet about getting thbis on their site to buy? Thanks Gay.

    Sent from my U.S. Cellular Android device

  2. says:

    Nevermind!! Finally just got it!!! Will start immediately. Iam a “happycamper” now! =)))

    Sent from my U.S. Cellular Android device

  3. Osagie Sharon says:

    I must admit, that I veraciously inhaled the Elemental series. It was everything a good book should be and then some. I fell in love with the characters, and the story line was one of genius! I generally don’t go in for Vampire books, I love books about Faeries. I saw part one free on Amazon, and thought what the hell let me try it. I couldn’t put it down, Even the sexual parts were well done, and tasteful, I love a little heat in the books I read. After reading the first one I immediately went and bought the other three! Then after finishing them I was more than ready for Building from ashes.

    I liked Building from Ashes, but I had issues with thinking of Carwyn, as something other than a priest. The transition was difficult for me, it doesn’t take away from the story at all…I loved it…I loved how the story line fell in with the Elemental series and filled in the time line.

    I would like to say that your writing is exceptional, I am anxiously waiting on Terry’s new story. And hope you are thinking about doing more Geo, Beatrice books in the future.

    I think I would probably read anything you wrote though…maybe you should try your hand at Faeries????? Bad faeries?…sexy Faeries?

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