New Waterlocked and a contest!

Gobble gobble, yum.

Happy Thanksgiving week!

I’m back with the first proper chapter of Gemma and Terry’s novella, Waterlocked. I was blown away by your amazing response to the prologue. The website hit its all-time high for traffic AND I got some fantastic suggestions for the boat’s name. In the end, I could only pick one, so I decided on Conquest, which was a suggestion from reader, Katie Rose. Thanks Katie! Conquest is simple, direct, and somehow very… British. Mostly, it just suits Terry as he’s a bit of a conqueror. The real question is will he be able to conquer Gemma’s heart? (Too cheesy?) It won’t show up for a couple chapters, but you’ll see it, I promise.

Warning: This chapter is not PG. Actually, this novella is not PG. Terry and Gemma have a very passionate relationship, so if more explicit scenes are not your thing, feel free to skip this story. But please don’t read and then complain that there’s too much sex. Every couple I’ve written, every relationship and story is different. This is Terry and Gemma’s story. Honestly, in pretty much all my books I get an equal number of readers saying there’s too much sex and not enough sex. I know it’s a personal thing. This is the way I write, so please respect that.

Fun news at the end of the chapter: For everyone who leaves a comment, you’ll be entered to win a signed paperback of any one of my books. The contest IS open to international readers, so don’t let that stop you. (I love my international readers!) The contest will run through the end of the holiday weekend; I’ll choose a winner on Sunday, November 25, 2012.

Finally, have a wonderful Thanksgiving week to all my American readers! And for my international ones, find something this week to be thankful for and express that. A habit of gratitude is never a bad thing.

As for me? I am thankful for many things, not least of all is YOU, my amazing readers. Thank you for making this year amazing. Thank you for reading.




6 thoughts on “New Waterlocked and a contest!

  1. PJ Friel says:

    I just discovered you two days ago and I just purchased the third and fourth books in the Elemental Mysteries series. LITERALLY could not put my Kindle down until I finished the first two books. I imagine it will be the same for the next two. (I know what I’m doing this weekend! lol!) I’m looking forward to starting Carwyn’s story after I finish the EM books, but then I’m going to be jonesing. haha.

    Speaking as someone who is NOT a rabid vampire fan, I just wanted to compliment you on your world building and how you’ve made your vampires something more than just the typical broody, sexy bloodsucker. I’m really enjoying your work (obviously).

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! And now, I need to get back to my reading. 😉

    Oh! One more thing…about the sex, I admire your stand on it and applaud you for staying true to your story. Sex scenes SHOULD be driven by the characters and their relationship, not by some formula from the publishing industry. I’m all for hot monkey sex, but there’s something very delicious about sexual tension without immediate release. IMO, you got it exactly right with Gio and B thus far.

    1. elizhunter says:

      Hey, PJ! Thanks for stopping by the website! I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the books so much. Just to let you know, I know there’s an EM Hunter publishing on Amazon, but that is not me. 🙂 Just wanted to let you know.

      Thanks for giving this vampire series a chance. Hope you have a great holiday weekend!

      Thanks for reading, Elizabeth

      1. PJ Friel says:

        Thanks for the head’s up, Elizabeth! I’ll be sure to buy direct from your Amazon page to avoid confusion. Btw, I’m reading book 4 now. Book 3 broke my heart, but book 4 is slowly mending it. 🙂

  2. Sharon says:

    I of course have read them all twice, including Building from ashes…Deep down inside I want more….go figure more of the interchange, and dialogue between all the characters combined…. maybe in a new story-line, where they all contribute to a chapter or two..These were very likable characters..I want you to continue giving them new life!

    You are my new favorite author…Dont stop,, as long as you write, I will find a way to read!

    Much appreciation Sharon Osagie

  3. Pat Fadala says:

    You are amazing. I was never one for Vampire reading, but….after Hidden Fire and all that followed, I am totally hooked. I will be on the look out for every book you have written. Love them all so far. Regards
    Pat Fadala

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