New chapter of Waterlocked is up!

80411343345782183I’m running around today doing many things, so I’ll be on and offline a bit. A new chapter of Waterlocked is up! Hope you enjoy, and I’m looking forward to your comments from this chapter. The sculpture on the right is called “The Kiss” by Rodin, and I just love it. It’s achingly romantic, and since this is very much a romance, I thought I’d share. Yes, there’s a bit of intrigue and action, but mostly, this is Gemma and Terry’s love story. Sometimes, it’s fun to just focus on characters like that.

Love all the name suggestions from last week! You guys thought up some great ones, and I’ll definitely be using a few of them in the future.

Over the weekend, I asked for pictures and ideas of who you think Gemma and Terry look like. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. I always have my own mental pictures, but I love hearing what you guys think. Sometimes it’s really close to what I’m thinking and other times it’s way different, but it’s always fun. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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One thought on “New chapter of Waterlocked is up!

  1. Mandy says:

    If you are still looking for names, may I humbly suggest my son’s name? Trent – it speaks to me of Britain and water, well, mostly because there is a River Trent that runs through central England, and the name possibly comes from a combination of Celtic words that mean “overflowing.” I found in one baby name book that Trent means “torrent of water,” and I’ve always liked that version. It’s why my tattoos that represent him have blue or water in them. 🙂

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