Final full chapter of Waterlocked and news about the next Elemental World novel

58898707596628113_qI0gf8dE_bThe final full chapter of Waterlocked is posted HERE (on time this week!). Just an epilogue to go, then I’ll be doing another edit before I put it up in the stores, but it won’t take long. I cannot thank you enough for joining me on this fun journey with Gemma and Terry. I greatly underestimated the response to these two characters, and I’m just thrilled at your positive reaction. I’m so glad you love them as much as I do.

Since the full manuscript of Shifting Dreams: Cambio Springs Book One has been turned into my lovely editor, I’ve started working on the next full Elemental World novel, which is… Baojia’s story! From the time I wrote him into This Same Earth, I knew this character had a fascinating background. I got to develop his history and character a little more in The Force of Wind, but I knew I wanted to write a full book for him. I’ve actually had the plot laid out even before most of Building From Ashes, so I’m really excited to start writing Blood and Sand: Elemental World Book Two. There will be an exclusive sneak preview of Blood and Sand at the end of the Waterlocked e-book when it goes on sale. Until then, back to the business of WRITING!

Hope you all have a great week. I’ve started a Pinterest board for Blood and Sand HERE, if you want to check it out. The final piece of Waterlocked will post a week from today! Enjoy.



3 thoughts on “Final full chapter of Waterlocked and news about the next Elemental World novel

  1. Sarah says:

    Literally hopping up and down with joy, yaaaaay Baojia’s story, I can’t wait. Just looked at your Pinterest board, oh boy I am so excited. He’s my favourite secondary character in the books so far and I’m even more excited about his story than I was about Carwyn’s. Thank you soooo much

  2. Bonnie Halperin says:

    I am so happy for you that you completed your book! I can’t wait for blood and sand I always was interested as in him and his story! Thanks again for all you have done for us at let us get a glimpse of Terry and Gemma’s life, truly wonderful!

  3. sharonchalk says:

    loved Chapter nine but so sad that it is the end,I wish Gemma and Terry would have had an entire full length novel,they were so good together,after I started getting into their story I went in and got your fist elemental series,just finished and am now getting ready to read the second book I got from you,looking forward to reading it tonight,Ill review it when Im done,I need to get my review online on Building from Ashes (I think thats the name of one I finished recently,Im terrible with titles but always tell the story but never remember the title lol its awful) anyway, I get the reviews for both on Amazon as soon as I finish tonights read,I know I have discoved a lot of new authors going off the reviews,so I love it when they have a lot of reviews!!

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