New series news! And a teaser for Cambio Springs.

Shifting Dreams BannerAs you can see, there’s a little bit of a new look for the blog, just because I have a short attention span and like changing things up. If you’re subscribed for updates or the mailing list, no changes, so don’t worry that you’ll miss anything. If you’re not… well why not? I don’t spam your inbox with a million posts. But subscribing to the blog will make sure you don’t miss any releases or teasers or stuff like that.

So, I’ve had a lot of people on Facebook and e-mail lately asking about the first Cambio Springs book, Shifting Dreams. And it occurs to me that all the information I’ve posted about it has been over at my website, which is really more of a writing website and not so much for readers like this one.

SO, here’s the skinny. Shifting Dreams is the first book in my new series (NOT related to the Elemental Mysteries, but still contemporary fantasy with strong romantic elements) and the release date has been up in the air because of cover and editing and scheduling… stuff. BUT, I have a firm date from my editor now, so I can tell you that it will be available by…

March 5th, 2013

Yay! That’s just a month away for those of you with complaining e-readers. (And bloggers, I’ll be sending out ARCs, so I’ll be in touch.) And I’ll have the cover for you soon. I’m working with a new cover artist and… well, it’s gorgeous. I can’t even tell you how much I love it. I really love working with talented people and Gene Mollica has been fantastic. When I first saw the art there was a little of the Kermit-flaily-arm thing going on. My dogs were disturbed.

I’ve posted the synopsis for Shifting Dreams HERE. And you can read the first chapter HERE. And because I love you, I’m gonna give you another short teaser introducing my man Caleb (who is kinda dreamy and I love him):


The music was good. Loud, but good. The beer was cold, and Caleb Gilbert was just a little drunk. Not too much, but if he was going to make it back to his hotel in Indio that night, he’d better switch to coffee. Which was too bad, because the brunette behind the bar who’d been serving his drinks had grown a little more flirtatious with every beer. Or maybe that was wishful thinking.

The band on the stage was better than he’d expected. The hard rock with a bluesy edge was just what he’d been looking for when he’d been out the night before. The hotel bar didn’t have much to offer, but the boys who’d been bragging about playing The Cave had invited him to come catch their show the next night. When he’d heard the name “Cambio Springs,” Caleb knew he couldn’t pass it up.

“Another beer?” The brunette was smiling at him and he gave her his most charming crooked grin. He hadn’t shaved that morning. Hadn’t thought he’d be trying to impress anyone, but then Caleb knew his looks weren’t what drove most women away after a few months. Looks had never been the problem. So he cocked his head at the waitress, rubbed a hand over the stubble on his jaw, then back through the curling black hair on his neck.

“I’d love one. Love to keep running up my tab for you, too, but I gotta drive back to Indio tonight. How about some coffee?”

“On the house.” She smiled. “And aren’t you responsible?”


She raised her eyebrows at him before sliding away to grab a mug for coffee. She’d been drinking, too, but only a couple all night. And she bantered back and forth with the scary guy behind the bar with no hint of fear. He’d been listening to the band and watching her all night. It was the best entertainment he’d had in months.

She was damn cute. Tall and lean. Long, sexy legs and nice hips that begged for grabbing. She was no girl, but then he wasn’t exactly a kid, either. Caleb Gilbert had more than a few miles on him. Over five hundred according to the odometer he’d reset when he left Albuquerque. Taking the job as a police chief in the Mojave Desert wasn’t what he’d planned on, but plans change, especially when life and family got messy.

The brunette came back after arguing with a more surly customer down the bar. That had lasted all of about two seconds before the giant bartender—the owner, if he was guessing—stepped in. The woman put a cup of steaming coffee in front of him. Despite the fact that it wasn’t beer, it did smell fantastic.

“Cream or sugar?”

“Just black, thanks. Who is he?” Caleb nodded at the big guy. “Owner?”

“Ollie? Yeah, his family’s had this place for years.”

“And who are you?”

She smiled and he blinked a little. Her smile was gorgeous. It made her eye light up. Dark eyes. More than cute. When she smiled, she was beautiful. “I’m Jena.”

“I’m Caleb. So, is Ollie your boyfriend? He seems pretty protective.”

“Ollie?” She laughed. “No. No boyfriend. Ollie’s like a brother. A big, snarling one if I want him to be.”

“Is that right? No boyfriend, huh? That’s hard to imagine.”

“It wouldn’t be if you knew me.” She smiled again, and he let himself get his hopes up, just for a minute.


Hope you enjoyed the teaser! I hope you’re looking forward to the book.

Thanks for reading,



7 thoughts on “New series news! And a teaser for Cambio Springs.

  1. sharonchalk says:

    wow,that little short was excellent,I cant wait for the book,I have already marked my calender to start checking in March 2013 so here hoping nothing happens to your muse or anything else that would necessitate delay of the book,so Im sending you some of my good karma to help out lol

  2. Sarah says:

    When I really love a series (and lets face it I love elemental more than any other) I sometimes find it hard to adjust to something else written by that author. However I KNOW that thats not a problem with you. I am already loving it, it’s the way the characters live and breath after just a few words. Soooo looking forward to this new series :-):-)

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