Free Friday Fiction: “Wind Speaks” and a book giveaway

So, it kinda got buried under all the pre-order news, but sometimes Tenzin talks to me, so I wrote a little something in her voice that you can read HERE. Enjoy, Tenzin lovers.

Also, for some reason, I ended up with a bunch of paperbacks that are sitting around my office lately.


Seriously, I have a ton, so I’m going to do some giveaways here on the blog over the next month or so. ALSO, because I love my international readers as much as my domestic ones, I’m making all my giveaways in April open to international readers, too. YES, I will send it to you, even if you live in the backwoods of Icannotpronounceitstan. More power to you for finding my books in the first place! If you win, I’ll send you a signed paperback.

So, for today, I think I’m going to give away a copy of my newest book, Shifting Dreams. Have I mentioned the cover is gorgeous? IT’S GORGEOUS. Seriously, I’m considering having a poster blown up to hang on my wall. (But… it has my name on it, so that just seems kind of egotistical, you know?) But you should totally enter to win it. Because, it’s beautiful.

How to enter? It’s reeeeeeeeeally easy. Just write a comment here on the blog and make sure I have your e-mail. I’ll let the contest run until next Friday, so you have a week to enter. (Only one comment per person, please!) Next Friday, I’ll announce the winner and announce the next paperback giveaway.

That’s all! Have a great weekend,



118 thoughts on “Free Friday Fiction: “Wind Speaks” and a book giveaway

  1. claire swift says:

    Would love to win any of your books πŸ˜‰ They kept me hooked right from the first page til the last, never knew I could read so many books one after the other in the same week. Totally awesome, thank you for sharing them with us

  2. Dani Pico says:

    After reading the Elemental World books, I thought “no way” would I like your realistic fiction romance book as much. I was wrong. I LOVED “The Genius and the Muse,” although I did keep expecting a vampire to pop up in the first couple of chapters. Never did. BUT it was sooo good.
    I’m about half-way through “Shifting Dreams” – if work wouldn’t keep getting in the way of my reading. I’d love to win a signed copy!

  3. Yvette Milholland says:

    A book giveaway!! Awesome! I really enjoy my Kindle, but sometimes, it I really nice to hold a book and turn pages.

  4. Amanda Lux says:

    I just LOVE you! You are for sure my favorite author! Your characters completely capture me and leave me wanting more! So amazing! I would love a signed book to add to my favorite collection! Keep them coming! And thank you for all the freebies and sneak peeks!

  5. Tiffany H says:

    I love your books! They take me away to amazing places. Thank you!! I’m a Mom to 2 very busy little boys and I SO look forward to reading your stories!!

  6. Caroline Cameron says:

    This I love about tenzin she is very old and very wise but also funny as well extremely loyal I would love a book with tenzin and ben , I thankyou for the elemental world books and also for cambio springs.

  7. dulcejuliarossi says:

    Amazing! I love the covers.And ,thank you,for making this giveaway international. I do live in a country far far away… maybe you heard of Dracula’s country. He still ows me a bite. xoxo

  8. Elaina M. Roberts says:

    Would love to have a signed copy of any of your books to place in a prominent location in my house. If it didn’t match the decor, I’d simply change it (the decor, not the book). I may not live in the wilds of Icannotpronounceitstan, but I do live in the backwoods of nowhere, Alabama, which is pretty close.

  9. Sue Padgett says:

    It is so cool to be able to have a conversation with a real live author! And even more cool that the writer, YOU, write the best books ever :). I wonder if I will ever read and love another book(s) like The Hidden Fire series more than I do! Just re-read them all and they are even better than the first time~

  10. Elizabeth Price says:

    i’v only just startedreading your books 1mnth ago, read all elemental series, I couldn’t put them down, it really takes you into another world, which is a great feeling, when you sometimes feel down, its theuraputic. Great reads I must say. Thanks

  11. Jeana says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!! Like others on here, I was hooked as well. I haven’t been hooked like this in awhile!! And I love all the covers of the books, especially the cover on A Fall of Water. πŸ™‚

  12. Joyce Walker White says:

    I’ve already read Shifting Dreams and really enjoyed it. Refreshing step out of the vamp mode. What I’m trying to convey is that I love your writing style. Very fluid, easy to follow with lot’s of interesting information. Thanks.

  13. Georgina says:

    Dont really know what I would do with a paper book would have to buy a shelf especialy but I love love love your books and it would be amazing to have a signed copy to show off (on its own shelf).

    Thankyou for all your amazing books

    Gina from England

  14. Vickie Lahti says:

    Did’nt think I could get into this type of story but after the first Elemental Series I was hooked. Thanks for introducing me to a new reading adventure.

  15. 1withthepaper says:

    I read all of the Elemental Series while I was forced to move when I was 8 months pregnant! They helped me de-stress and I LOVED all the characters! Keep ’em coming! Just moved in with the in-laws so need all the de-stressing I can get!

  16. Sue says:

    Love “Wind Speaks”, love every one of the books,love your writing style, love the covers – guess you could say – love you too!!!!

    Keep writing!

    Sue (fromEngland)

  17. Leeann says:

    Elizabeth I love your books and I thanked my mom a few days ago for turning me onto your books. I love reading them because they take me to another place and with 5 kids that is a good thing sometimes. Lol thank you for shareing your story’s with us. Leeann

  18. Marion says:

    Receiving a copy of Shifting Dreams would make my day. Doug Meeks recommended your first series on the r,r,ptr thread on Amazon. I bought the first one, read it, was enchanted and never looked back. You are one of my very favorite authors and you never, ever, disappoint. Sometimes I wait to read a new release for just the moment I need something really, really satisfying to read. It is just like unwrapping a gift from an old and dear friend. Keep up the great work. You have LOTS of fans, Ms. Hunter.

  19. nancysegovia says:

    I would love to win a copy of Shifting Dreams as you have now become one of my all time favorite authors and that is saying a lot since I have been reading for 53 years constantly and without stop since I was 7 years old and got my hands on “The Bobbsie Twins Go To The Beach.”

    I almost panicked last night when my Kindle ran out of charge. I thought I was going to have to go to bed without getting to read the next chapters in “Building From Ashes.” Fortunately, I had a spare quick charger and was able to charge it up enough to read a few more chapters before bed.

    Thanks Goodness!!

  20. Cheryl says:

    I love all your books! It seems like I’ve been reading your words forever, and I could go on reading you for forever. I would love a signed copy of any of your book. My dream copy would be of β€œThe Genius and the Muse”. Thanks for the chance.

  21. Andrea Shubin says:

    Oh I can’t wait! I love Tenzin! Elizabeth, your characters are all so special and fascinating! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  22. heyamyjo says:

    I would love to win your new book! I’m hooked on your Elemental series and have told all my friends to read them. Thanks for your unique perspective on vampires. Can’t wait to see what you give us next!

  23. Kristine says:

    Ooh I would love to win a copy. I am SO in love with your books and writing style. Seriously….Gena Showalter is my fave author ever….until a week ago when I stumbled upon your books. Love love love them!

  24. Hollie Meadors says:

    Love the Elemental series! I can’t wait to read the next one… I have them on Kindl and really, I need to start my “hard copy” collection to pass on to my girls one day! Don’t ever stop writing (stop to pee, shower, eat and live a little lol) you are truly a remarkable author ❀

  25. Suzanne Daniels says:

    I’ve read all your books and loved every single word. You are my favourite author…thank you for the giveaway! Really…who wouldn’t fall in love with Giovanni? Loved shifting dreams just as much as the elemental mysteries.

  26. Kari James says:

    I love all your books! Must admit the vamps are my favorite and can’t wait for Baojia’s story. I already pre-ordered it. Love the books, love the extras; makes me miss B and Gio. Thanks bunches!

  27. Anne says:

    Your Elemental World series was fantastic. And making the first in the series a freebie on Kindle was a stroke of brilliance – I was hooked, and immediately purchased all the others! Well developed characters and storylines, loved them.

  28. Jenny Greiner says:

    I am hooked on your writing, everytime I get to read another bit of it (love Tenzin’s latest musings!) it is like feeding an addiction!! I didn’t think I would like the Cambio Springs series as well, but you hooked me again! Love Jena, another amazing character! Would be honored to receive Shifting Dreams, even though I already own everything you’ve ever written on my Kindle πŸ˜‰

    Thanks again for hours and hours of enjoyment!

  29. Debby McAllistwr says:

    I love your stories and would love to win Shifting Dreams. Looking forward to future stories as well.

  30. middle child design says:

    I loved your Elemental World series. Offering the first as a freebie on Kindle was a stroke of brilliance – I was immediately hooked and purchased all the others! Well developed characters and story lines, great books.

  31. Kelly says:

    I freakin’ love your books!!! I would love a copy of either Shifting Dreams, A Fall of Water, or The Genius and the Muse. Thank you so much for the giveaway! πŸ™‚

  32. Crystal Kerkow says:

    I would love to have a copy of any of your books!!!! You are such a great writer that I can’t put the books down once I start reading them all again!!! As much as I love the vampires, The Genius and the Muse was such a great book!!! I purchased a copy for my mom after reading it!

  33. Frankie Coletti says:

    Love your books so very much!
    Thank you for the Tenzin viewpoint too- I think she may be my favourite character after Beatrice πŸ™‚
    And thank you for the give away too πŸ˜€

  34. Omar Bentley says:

    Thanks so much for offering us a chance to win one of your books. I’ve read all your books and am very much looking forward to the next one. Also thanks for keeping us up to date with what’s happening in your hectic life.
    I think the postman can find me I live in Australia. Have a good week end or in Australian ….aveagoodweegend…. πŸ™‚

  35. amanda frank says:

    I love your books. I share them with everyone that I know that enjoys reading. We have our own discussion group. Keep up the great work.

  36. Tara Wells-Stoddard says:

    I hit the jackpot as your book was the first book I ever downloaded from my brand new iPad. It was a day of surprises, since I’m a newbie to amazon, kindle, iPad and the remarkable penmanship of Eliabeth Hunter. Of course I quickly read the whole series and, yes, the mailman does deliver to Cape Town, South Africa

  37. Sarah says:

    You are the BEST! I only discovered UF/PNR about 8 months ago, your books being among the first I read, they’ve taken over as favourites in every genre, I’ve already read all the elemental mysteries books about 5 times. Through your books mostly I have discovered many fantastic authors but you’re still my favourite πŸ™‚

    There are so very few books out there that you can read over and over and enjoy more each time. I’m not a great reviewer or blog commentator until it comes to you! I always post and I hover about on review blog sites and try to plug you every now and then! Your website/blog here is fantastic too, you’re very giving and kind to us fans, much appreciated. You brighten up a wet and windy English day.

  38. Tina says:

    Love you books and would love to own one in print. I have them all on my Kindle. Looking forward to more from you. Tina, Michigan

  39. Glenna says:

    I love, love LOVE your books!!! :)) (hope that helps, lol!) No seriously I am just now starting your new series and it sound great!!

  40. Catherine Bosma says:

    Elizabeth Hunter, what a pleasant surprise your books were to find! I’ve ravaged the Elemental Mysteries series just as I would ravage Gio were I to find him! Can’t wait to read Shifting Dreams! It’s on my to-read list but I guess I’ll have to wait until Friday before I know if I have to buy it or not πŸ˜‰ Thanks for your words!

  41. Wilma Friday says:

    To win this fantastic prize I’m gonna have to go down the ‘poor me’ route and hope that you are a ‘sucker’ for a sob story. Well? Here goes… I recently bet some money on black at the casino and guess what? It came out red .. hmphhh … I spent the last of my money on a lottery ticket and guess what? It seems my numbers came up but the cat had ate my ticket so I lost out .. again .. hmphhh .. So now I’ve entered this amazing competition and I just know that when the winner is picked that it probably won’t be me. To quote my favourite old Scottish saying.. If it wasnae for bad luck I’d have nae luck at all. Please Elizabeth, give this poor fan a break and hopefully a book too.. .. lol .. thanks love πŸ™‚

  42. Howard Lowery says:

    I am not going to resort to tricks. I am just going to tell you how terribly disappointed in you that I am. Why? Here I was, all “fat, dumb and happy” thinking that you just had me hooked on the two “Elementals” and it must be some vampire thing that I’ve suddenly developed. But then …, then! Here comes the Cambio Springs stuff. Sheesh, I’m all messed up now … hooked on pretty much everything you write. It just isn’t fair. Not fair but very enjoyable. And yes, I have already pre-ordered Blood and Sand, even though Baojia is not my favorite character. I suspect I will like him more after his book.

    Great stuff, thanks for hooking me!

  43. Sandra says:

    Hi! I can’t help but go all “fan-girl” on ya but, well…… You asked for a comment to enter the drawing, and well… That islike a whole lotta you-asked-for-it πŸ™‚

    I have read each of your books and always always anticipate the nezt one out. I admire how you keep in touch with us (your readers) and how while it must be hard for you you keep your books coming at the perfext pace which is a Godsend because they truly are so great!

    Take care, can I be your biggest fan-girl?

  44. sharonchalk says:

    wow I almost brought Shifting Dreams last night,but got Cambio Springs instead so now Im going to hold off for a week and see if I can be one of those lucky winners!!! It won’t be easy but 2 of the books that I ordered last July came in this week,so I can read them when I finish Cambio Springs while waiting to see if Lady Luck comes my way with a free book,yea!!!! Though its listed just in case Im will put my email address,wouldn’t want to win and then you not be able to find me lol its Now that you mentioned it though I need to go check and see if there is a preorder for Baojai and if so get myself on that list,keep up the great writing!!!!

    1. nancysegovia says:

      I just want to add something here about what I read last night. I think this line, from “Ashes” is one of the best lines I have ever read especially in the context in which it was written and it goes, “Oh, the earth really does move.” That was unbelievably well done and ranks right up there with Butler’s “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.” Outstanding!!

  45. Jodie Cooper says:

    Thank you so much for creating such great characters and adventures! I am a 40 something bookworm and have enjoyed your work greatly. Please keep the books coming!

  46. Liz Smallwood says:

    Have the poster made. Not egotistical at all you are a fabulous brilliant writer be proud and show the world.

  47. Mary Gordon says:

    Thank you for bringing a little fantasy into my world through your books. I was on the elevator with a guy in a loud flower print shirt and I immediately thought of Carwyn. I see your characters all the time:)

  48. Kimberly Chappell says:

    I love your books. I think your series puts a more human nature to the immortal characters. I truly believe that your Elemental Series would have been a bigger hit than Twilight, and I do love Twilight. I do hope a move cones out of these books. it will be Epic.


  49. Susan Trapnell says:

    So, my writing assignment today was to open the phonebook, point to a name, and develop a character. Well, wouldn’t you know it, I picked “Lumir Svarc.” No kidding. When I discovered that the name was Czech, I immediately thought of the Carpathian Mountains, Tepesh, and then of course, Gio, “B”, and Tenzin, which brought me here to see what you were up to. All in all, a good Friday. Oh, and Lumir is a 77 year old, retired ag teacher, who contrary to his family’s wishes, took a 6-week sailing course to fulfill his lifelong call of the sea, and had the time of his life when a squall blew in.on Lake St. Clair. (Do you have a research team? I don’t see how one person could do it all.)

    1. elizhunter says:

      I want to hear more about Lumir. He sounds like an interesting guy. πŸ˜‰ And no research team, though I finally got my best friend to agree to Istanbul this summer to help out and keep me from getting too weird, so that’s good.

      1. Susan Trapnell says:

        Lumir is an interesting guy. He is fit and you might say good looking. (Think Milan Kundera, Incredible Lightness of Being.) He has it all, has done it all, and his bucket list is minimal. He loves deeply, but is no pushover. His mantra is “What’s age got to do with it?” He knows what he wants, and what he wants is to take a 6-week sailing course; but his wife and daughters will take some convincing. I’m sorry but I have to ask: what’s “too weird”?

  50. Janka Dustan says:

    I Love reading – i keeps me sane in this insane world. And I really love your books. So – yes – I would love to win one of your books. Fingers crossed. xx

  51. Ashley says:

    Shifting dreams is on my tobuylist of books that is about 2 notebook sheets full long. But your books are always on the top of my list. This would be so awesome to win!

  52. Smirk says:

    Just another desperate poster… I suppose sweet talking wont guarantee a win (did I mention I’ve preordered already?). I guess the only thing I can do to make my mark is tell you how absolutely I adore your writing.
    Although, in all honesty, if I won the mission of the paperback would be to be passed around to all of my female anythings so that I can create my own little Elizabeth Hunter army (I know they’d all love it). *cough* that is all πŸ™‚

  53. Lisa G says:

    In love with the elemental world here in England! Sadly cannot seem to pre order on our Have read all your books again and again and again. Have all the books on my kindle but now looking at getting them in print.
    My husband recently appeared in the bedroom wearing the kids vampire teeth from the dressing up box sporting a rather bad welsh accent. Apparantly I talk about Carwyn too much – I personally don’t agree, you can’t have too much of Carwyn.
    Now he is reading your books!
    Cannot wait for the next one……might just have to re-read them all again whilst I’m waiting!

      1. Lisa G says:

        You will be pleased to know amazon uk IS now allowing pre orders of blood and sand. All is well!

  54. elizhunter says:

    Okay, I feel honor bound to mention I use a random number generator to pick winners for contests, but please don’t stop the hilarious comments, you guys. You’re making my day! πŸ˜€

  55. Liana Sullivan says:

    thank you for the opportunity to win one of your books. They truly are amazing, drawing you into a world that takes you on such an adventure. Now if my family was responding it would be differnet. Since I tend to get too much into the book, there is little or nothing done until I finish the last page. Kraft dinner and hot dogs, lol lol lol.

  56. katmoore2012 says:

    I have read all your books except 2, and I plan to read those soon. Whenever a friend asks me what I am reading, I tell them “A Hidden Fire” to get them started with your work. You do a great job!

  57. Marnie Surles says:

    Your books are great reading and I am so looking forward to Blood and Sand. Keep it up. Thanks for the entertainment.

  58. Carla Jones says:

    Love your books!!! Have to say your writing style is superb. I love to read but am very picky.. You have made it to my must read, so far I have read everything that I can find that you have written looking forward to more. THANK YOU

  59. Nathalie Saget says:

    I have so enjoyed many of your books. I started reading books on my new iPad early last year. The Elemental World Series kept me glued to my iPad for weeks. I would be honored to have one of the books you have “sitting around”. Thank you for continuing to write so beautifully

  60. Melissa says:

    I found your books by accident. Looking for something interesting for my kindle. Within 3 days I had read all the elemental mysteries that were released. Now I find myself coming to your site every few days hoping that the next book has been released early. Your stories have engrossed me and I cannot wait to be able to immerse myself further into this story line. The one I really can’t wait for is Tenzin and Ben πŸ™‚

  61. Jodie says:

    I have read all your elemental mysteries and the first Elemental World books. I am looking forward to reading the next Elemental World. I do enjoy reading the stories. I am sure the new series is going to be great. I have it on my wishlist on Amazon.

  62. Tanya M says:

    I’d love to win any one of your books as I love them all!! Like with many many others, you have become one of my all time favourite writers! It would be an honour to have one of your books sit on my shelf instead of just on Kindle πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for your generosity! Also not sure how to tell if you get our email?

  63. Kimberlin Sanders says:

    I have loved all your books so far . It would be an honour to win a book from you. But I wount stop reading just because I dont win.

  64. Beth says:

    So exciting!!!! I love your books SO much. I read the first chapter pf Shifting Dreams in the back of Building from Ashes (OMG that book was AMAZING) and it left me wanting more! (big surprise, right?)

  65. victoriamacrae says:

    I have today finished reading Shifting Dreams on my Kindle, loved every ‘page’. I love my Kindle but you don’t get to enjoy the book covers on these modern contraptions, so I would love to win a ‘real’ copy. Enjoyed reading the excerpt from Blood and Sand at the end, great to know that we will be hearing more about Boajia’s story. πŸ™‚

  66. Crystal Lute says:

    Love your work, love this story, and love this cover too!! Thank you for the opportunity to win, but more so, thank you for your amazing talent and for sharing it with us!!!

  67. Pome says:

    I hope I’m not too late…I love to win your books. I have read all of them….can’t wait to read Blood and Sand. πŸ™‚ You are a wonderful writer.

  68. shanese vickers says:

    I am in love with your writing. I cannot get enough! Can’t wait for blood and sand. I would love to win any of your books they are all so wonderful.

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