Teaser Tuesday: Blood and Sand

MNP_Hole_in_RockAs I mentioned last night on the Facebook page (which is an excellent way of keeping track of me if you like the Facebook thing) I am hitting the revisions and editing on Blood and Sand hard in the next couple of weeks to get things ready for my editor at the end of the month. I’m still loving this couple! In fact, I may like them even more on this read through than the last.

Anyway, I wanted to post a little of what I’ve been editing this morning. This passage gives you a peek into the mystery part of the story from Chapter Nine.


Baojia tried to ignore Natalie’s scent as they approached Tulio’s strange house. The blush made her cheeks heat and her blood-scent stronger. He couldn’t help wondering just how much of her body that blush would cover if properly encouraged. He was betting a lot. He took a deep breath and focused on the reason they had come to the hermit’s home.

“Tulio likes to be left alone, but in his own way, he considers this whole area his territory.” He grasped Natalie’s hand a little tighter and walked toward the low rise of hills behind the barn. “Not that he would ever challenge Ernesto—he has no interest in business or politics—but he doesn’t like strange people or vampires wandering around.”

“So he’d notice someone who was dumping bodies on his front lawn, is what you’re saying?”

The woman had the most amusing way of stating things at times. “Exactly.”

“So when he said, ‘There’s more.’ You think that’s what he was referring to? More bodies? If Tulio doesn’t like vampires wandering around and there are more bodies—maybe some that the police haven’t found but he has—why hasn’t he stopped them? It sounds like it would be characteristic of him, from what you’ve said.”

As if she wasn’t attractive enough… The human was becoming more distracting with every intelligent observation. “Yes, he would stop them. If he knew where they were. But I also noticed there was no strong vampire scent around the girl’s body.”

“I thought you said she was killed by a vampire.”

“She was.” He saw the entrance, standing back and letting their host become aware of them in his own time. Baojia glanced at the dark, empty horizon; he was beginning to worry about the sun.

“But you said—”

“There is vampire scent all over the girl.” Tulio’s voice broke through the night. Good, he wasn’t wasting time on power displays. He hardly needed to; they were on his turf. The man’s head popped up from the crease of hills where his home was buried. “But there’s no scent of our kind leading to or away from the bodies.”

“They were dumped during the day,” Baojia said, nodding at Tulio and still holding Natalie’s hand.

Natalie’s eyes widened in understanding. “Left by humans, not vampires.”

“Yes.” The big vampire waved them over. “Come on in. Bring your woman. Cirilda has some food made for her.”

He climbed up the hill and then over to see a small door, barely visible if you weren’t looking, tucked into the sandstone rocks and partially obscured by a convenient stand of mesquite bushes. Tulio was disappearing inside.

“Wow. It’s like a dug-out,” Natalie said.

“It is a dug-out. Earth vampires like to live underground.”

“Well, that makes sense… inasmuch as any of this makes sense.”

He smiled. “You’ll get used to it.”


 Blood and Sand will release on May 28th! It is available for pre-order on Amazon HERE.


6 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday: Blood and Sand

  1. Sue Padgett says:

    I want to get used to reading more of this book! Can’t wait to see all the words on my Kindle!! Thanks for the tease :).

  2. Jodie says:

    I was just wondering if the picture in your post was of the Fairy Chimneys in Turkey? We lived in Turkey for a year and a half and went to visit the Chimneys in Cappadocia region. They were a site to behold.

    1. elizhunter says:

      Nope, that’s actually from the Mojave Natural Preserve in California (I believe). But I’m thinking about going to Cappadocia this summer, Jodie. Was it amazing? I’ve heard it’s really great.

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