Blood and Sand: Soundtrack

florence-machine-ceremonialsI had some valid complaints on Facebook last week. (Sorry!) It seems a lot of you really like it when I put up the soundtracks I use when I write my books. And I haven’t done that in a while. Mea culpa, my readers. I’m posting the soundtrack for Blood and Sand today. And I’ll try to update some of the others when I get a chance.

Soundtracks. Hmm. What do they mean? For me, music plays a big part in how I write. It’s one of the things I use to trigger my personal creative process. Sometimes, soundtracks can be spoiler-y. For reasons that became obvious, I didn’t post the full soundtrack for The Force of Wind until AFTER the book came out. (“Dante’s Prayer” might have given more than a little away.) Sometimes, there’s a lyric in a particular song that really expresses something about a character or a relationship or a scene. Sometimes, it’s a mood or an emotion that I want to evoke. A lot of times, a song just sounds right for the scene that I imagine. There’s no science to it, so don’t take them too literally.

Many thanks to the amazing artists on this list. They are all inspiring in different ways. A HUGE thank you has to go to Florence + The Machine on this book because “Ceremonials” was all over this soundtrack. Love that album. In fact, if I had to pick one song for this book that really captures the mood and the feel, it would be “No Light, No Light.” Here’s a video of Florence performing it live (which you MUST go see if you have a chance) and soundtrack details are after the break.

Music for Blood and Sand: Elemental World Book Two

No Light, No Light—Florence + The Machine

Heavy Metal Lover—Lady Gaga

American Girl—Tom Petty

#1 Crush—Garbage

Crash Into Me—Dave Matthews Band

Lights—Ellie Goulding

Iris—The Goo Goo Dolls

All Through the Night—Cyndi Lauper

Possession—Sarah McLachlan

Leave My Body—F+TM

Down—Jason Walker

Fearless—Cyndi Lauper

Demons—Imagine Dragons


Set Fire to the Rain—Adele

Never Let Me Go—F+TM

And there you have it! You’ll have to tell me what songs you hear when you read the book after it comes out on the 28th!

Thanks for reading,



3 thoughts on “Blood and Sand: Soundtrack

  1. beth says:

    I LOVE the soundtracks, and espcially love the links. Your soundtracks have introduced me to Florence, Snow Patrol, Michael Nyman, Damien Rice, for which i am forever grateful!!

  2. Sarah says:

    Thank you so much for that! I love your soundtracks, they add an extra dimension to the books that gives the experience that even more special feel to them. I can’t believe you have Demons by Imagine Dragons on there, it is my absolute favourite at the moment, and the first time I heard it a few months ago I immediately thought of your Elemental world. You’ve a couple there I don’t know, going to check them out now!

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