Book news and new fan art.

I posted this over on Facebook, then realized, I really should have made this a blog post for you non-FB readers.

News! Let’s see what’s happening in Hunter book world:

Blood and Sand CoverLots happening this week. I’m doing the formatting for both ebook and paperback versions of BLOOD AND SAND so it’ll be all shiny and ready to go next Tuesday. Only a little over a week! Can you believe how this month flew?

Ashes Cover 2013I’m also reformatting the paperback cover for BUILDING FROM ASHES right now, which is why it’s currently unavailable to order. I will do my best to have that done TODAY, so that book is available by the end of the week at the latest. I really apologize for the delay on that.

913854_344620065659799_174022391_oI’ve also been formatting a paperback version of WATERLOCKED, for those of you who love that little novella. I’m NOT enabling expanded distribution on that, however, in order to keep the costs down. That means it will only be available from Amazon or the Createspace store. I understand that’s not ideal for some readers, but I’m trying to keep costs as low as possible, because it’s a novella, not a full book. I believe the cover price will be around $6.99.

Audible logoAudio news! I have been informed by the lovely people at Audible that JULY 18TH is the day they’re hoping to release the complete audio set of the Elemental Mysteries/Elemental World series. That’s right, ALL the books (including Blood and Sand) will be available for download. Crossing fingers that everything goes well and stays on schedule! I know some of you have been waiting for those.

That’s it for me. Might do something fun on the page (that’s the Facebook page, blog readers) if I get all my work done early today. We’re on summer schedule here at Casa de Hunter, so Small Boy is running around creating mischief (which is always fun), and work-time is a little harder to come by.

There is new fan art posted on the FanArt page. It’s a very cool sketch by the lovely Sharon Fruth, which was inspired by a Fuseli sketch and Gio and Beatrice. She titled it “An Eternal Love” and was kind enough to send it to me. Thanks, Sharon!

Teaser from Blood and Sand tomorrow? What do you think?


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