Teaser Tuesday: Last Teaser for BLOOD AND SAND

1805158b740ffa798d34c694690de8ffOkay, the release for BLOOD AND SAND is only a week away, so I’m giving you one last teaser to tide you over. It’s a shorty, but I’m constantly asked whether or not Gio and Beatrice are going to be in any of the other books, so I hope this answers that question!


Baojia raced through different scenarios, most of them ending with Natalie and him both dead, until he settled on one that had a chance of working. It wouldn’t be pleasant, but he’d at least survive long enough to make sure Natalie would be safe. Turning back toward Pasadena, he gritted his teeth and prepared for the night to get even worse.

He parked a block away, knowing that approaching on foot would be less threatening. As he neared the gate, he heard the fluttering sound overhead and the slight smoky smell that permeated the grounds. By the time he was in sight, the Italian was already leaning against a brick pillar, his guard vampire perched on top with her legs crossed under her and an enormous smile on her face.

“I told you,” she said.

Baojia halted across the street, hands hanging in his pockets as he stared at the fire vampire who stared back.

This was going to suck.

“Giovanni Vecchio,” he said. “I need your help.”


If you can, pop over to the Facebook page today and let me know who you see as Baojia! I’ll have an album up, and I’m curious who you’re thinking of when you read his parts.



7 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday: Last Teaser for BLOOD AND SAND

  1. Caroline Cameron says:

    OMG I am soooooo excited I can’t wait it all sounds so good thankyou for brining these books onto my life.

  2. Smirk says:

    It’s not easy getting my two kids under two to take a nap at the same time, and despite my usual quiet-as-a-mouse nature I couldn’t help but cheer (okay, squeal) when I read this teaser.

  3. Janka Dustan says:

    OMG!!!! I can’t wait!!!!! The book sounds so great already. And Gio is back too!?!?
    Considering I found your books by an accident I am completely and uterly hooked. Hope you will write more books about your lovely vampires. 🙂

  4. hrlowery says:

    This is so not right. After all my requests (denied?) for Gio/B and here this comes with a week to wait? I used to think I liked you Elizabeth but now I am beginning to question that. 😉 Just kidding but it is cruel and unusual punishment to post that teaser! It is making it hard to wait! It’s not like I haven’t already pre-ordered and you need to sell me on it. Bring it on!

  5. Sarah says:

    I am literally jumping up and down on my seat, Tuesday cannot come soon enough. Highlight of my reading year by a long shot.

  6. Jasel says:

    When will Blood and Sand be available on Barnes & Noble? I see it is available on Amazon but alas I have a Nook. Thanks for your books -love them all!

  7. kaitlyn p. says:

    Can I just say that I just finished this novel and it may be my favorite one yet?! Elizabeth you have absolutely done it again.! The way you brought all the characters together was phenominal! I’m in love!! I think I may read the whole series again in anticipation for whatever comes next! I truly hope you will expand on Baojia & Natalie’s story a bit more (with the way it ended I assume you left it open on purpose) sooooo exciting !!! My favorite books of all times. Thank you for giving me an awesome series to read and a whole new world to explore!

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