The Wait Is Over: Audiobooks are here!

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You want to know something cool?



So, the original release was delayed for a bit while things were polished, but now I’m so pleased to announce that not only are the Elemental Mysteries available, but the Elemental WORLD books are, as well!

Narrator Dina Pearlman (Hi, Dina!) did a wonderful job performing the entire series. I’m very pleased that we were able to have the same narrator for all six books.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for being so patient!

Here are the buy links for those who have been waiting:

The books are not available in CD format right now, only digital download, but CD may be something that happens in the future if there is enough interest. Thanks again to the production team at Audible and Dina for doing an amazing job. I really hope you guys enjoy the audiobooks!

TheScribe_ebookAnd for those of you who have noticed that I’m not posting as much over here, you’d be right! With the upcoming publication of THE SCRIBE, the first book in the Irin Chronicles, I’ve been trying to switch over to posting more on my main author website, So if you want to keep up with all my stuff, subscribe over there. If you’re strictly an Elemental World fan, then no worries! I’ll continue to update this website with news about that series, which YES, I am not done with. I’m just working on other projects right now. (Which I do hope you’ll check out.)

Have a great week, everyone! And thanks for reading (and listening!)



3 thoughts on “The Wait Is Over: Audiobooks are here!

  1. christineslw says:

    Hi, Elizabeth. Yes, I’d be VERY interested in getting any of the Elemental World books on CD format. Hope it happens soon. Also EAGERLY awaiting “The Scribe”. I pre-ordered from Amazon and I don’t know if I can last another month without going crazy!

    Christine Baty, a HUGE fan of all your books

  2. Emma says:

    I now have the audio books, amazon does a special deal if you already own the eBook. Narrator did a great job. Giovanni’s accent sounds funny to my Aussie ears and now my husband is walking around the house pretending to be a vampire.
    He is enjoying the fight scenes a lot so kudos for drawing in a person who doesn’t read books. Also it makes my work days go quickly. Instead of tunes I have been listening to this. Very pleased.

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