Goodbye EM blog! (but not

80003531_01_lSO, for those of you who have followed me over here for ages (Or, you know two years, which is aaaaaages in internet time.) you’ve probably noticed that I haven’t been updating this blog lately. And the reason for that is…

Not enough time.

What I’ve been trying to do is move all the blogging-type activities over to my larger author website at so that I can update writing and release news in one place. It’s way more consistent that way and keeps me more focused on, you know, actually writing BOOKS. 🙂 So, if you want to keep up with all the news about me and books and vampires and shape shifters and ALL THE THINGS, then I’d recommend you subscribe to EHW and get the scoop there.


I’m going to keep it up and hopefully it will become a good landing place for all things Elemental. So fan art, serial fiction, short stories, FAQs, etc. will all still live here. I’m even considering creating some kind of forum for readers who might be interested. (If you are, let me know in the comments here.) JUST THE BLOG is not going to be updated anymore on this site.

BronzeBlade_EbookA little bit of Elemental world news in this last blog post. One, obviously, I’ve been posting Tenzin’s origin story, THE BRONZE BLADE, here on the site. That novella will be available for sale in the beginning of February. I’ll have pre-order links available soon-ish. Look for them on my author blog or the home page here. ALSO, the Complete Elemental Mysteries (Books 1-4) is still available for sale, though not at the sale price. It’s still a great deal if you want to buy the series as a gift, though. You’re saving three or four bucks buying the bundle PLUS you get THE BRONZE BLADE complete in the bonus features.

ElementalMysteries_Box1So, for the last time, I will NOT be updating the blog here anymore, but the site will still exist for Elemental World content. If you want to subscribe to my blog for current news, please subscribe over on

Hope to see you there,



3 thoughts on “Goodbye EM blog! (but not

  1. Sarah says:

    I would also love a forum, somewhere to gush how great the books are with like minded people. I’m slowly converting friends to your books but it would be nice to do that here and your readers all seem so nice too.

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