He woke in their bed, alone; her sheets were not even rumpled.


There was no answer.  Giovanni raced out to the living room, where all the windows had been blacked out and covered by curtains so she could have the freedom of the house during the daylight hours.


She was sitting by the fire, staring into it with blank eyes.  There was an open textbook on her lap.


She finally blinked and turned to him.

He walked toward her slowly.  “Did you sleep at all today?  Have you been reading this whole time?”

Beatrice looked down to the book on her lap, then over at Giovanni, who sat down beside her.

“I can read Greek now.”  His heart sank when he saw the lost look she wore.  “Do you think he knows?”

Giovanni reached over and closed the book, taking both her hands in his before he pulled her onto his lap.


6 thoughts on “April 2011

  1. bbrock525 says:

    I can’t wait to read book 4. It has been such a great series. I love Gio and Beatrice. Such strong characters. I wish you all the luck with the series. Is book 1 going to be in paperback also? I wouldn’t mind having the whole collection in hardback instead of kindle.
    Happy Writing!

  2. bbrock525 says:

    I can’t wait!. I love this series. Gio and Beatrice are such strong chararters. I want the whole sereies in paperback or hardback. I have them on my kindle but would like to keep them.

    1. E Hunter says:

      The books are available in paperback, bbrock! If you click on the “buy the books” link, you can find them from CreateSpace.

      Thanks so much for reading!


  3. Melissa says:

    Love, love, love this series!!!!! Read books 1-3 in three days then read the Genius and the Muse on Monday. Fantastic work. I’ve been a fan since fan fiction then followed your WordPress site. I can’t wait for book four.

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