He was playing again.  He often did right before dawn.  Relaxing things.  Slow melodies by Bach or Satie or Chopin.  Things he knew she loved.  She wondered if it was an attempt to quiet her and let her rest, even though she rarely took comfort in sleep anymore.  There were only a few hours a day that she was able to sleep.  She didn’t tire, but she did envy the peaceful oblivion that slumber had once provided.

And dreaming.  She missed the dreams.

Beatrice approached the piano, sliding next to Giovanni on the narrow bench he had pushed back to fit his long legs.  He didn’t cease playing the Nocturne when he leaned over and kissed her.



“Want me to show you a few things?”


“A little Mozart melody.”  His fingers tripped up the keys.  “You’ll be amazed by how fast you pick it up.”

“Still nope.”


5 thoughts on “August 2011

  1. onefee27 says:

    You know, I’ve been reading through these and it’s sort of nice to see B isn’t adjusting as well as it seemed in the last book. It’s a big change she’s gone through and I’m glad you haven’t glossed over it. I’m also glad I found these! It’ll help me get through the week till the book comes out!

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