She was glowing.  Her face may not have blushed anymore, but his wife had been glowing as she sat next to Ben and opened presents earlier that evening.  They had gathered at Isabel and Gustavo’s house, Beatrice and Giovanni, Tenzin, Carwyn, and Ben.  All together, and she had not struggled to control her bloodlust once.

Giovanni imagined that he was glowing, too.

She lay on the couch, stretched out and listening to him play bits and pieces from The Nutcracker as dawn approached.  She hummed along, horribly out of tune, as always, but he didn’t care.  He heard her stand and walk toward him.  She placed her hand on his shoulder and he leaned into her arm, rubbing his cheek against her skin and enjoying the crackling, excited energy that filled the house.

They would go back to Los Angeles soon.



She sat next to him for a moment before she ducked under his arms and straddled his lap.  He pulled his hands away to grab her waist, but she winked and placed them back on the keyboard.  “Keep playing.”

Giovanni chuckled.  “What game are you playing, woman?”

She put her arms around his neck, nipping at his ear and nuzzling into his neck.  “I think…”

“Yes?”  Despite his preternatural concentration, he was having trouble focusing on the Tchaikovsky.

“I think that maybe I do want to learn to play.”

His eyes rolled back as she let her fangs scrape along his neck.  “Oh, I think you’re quite adept at playing already, Tesoro.”

“No,” she giggled.  “An instrument.”

“I’m allowing that joke to pass.  To obvious.”

She laughed and cuddled into him, wiggling on his lap as he struggled to concentrate on the keyboard.

“Not piano though.”


“No, maybe… guitar.  I could be a rock and roll chick.  Not electric, obviously… well, maybe I could figure something out.  I mean, if I really tried, I could probably figure out a way to make it work.  Maybe an insulated case of some kind, but I’d have to make sure it didn’t damage the guitar…  What?”

He grinned and ceased playing, wrapping his arms around her and pressing his mouth to hers in a long kiss.  His hands reached up, running through her hair and teasing the pins out that she had used to put it up earlier.

“I love you madly, Beatrice De Novo.”

She smiled and nipped at his chin.

“I love you, too.”

“Welcome back.”

4 thoughts on “December 2011

  1. csmagura says:

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Elizabeth, for this final glimpse into Gio and B’s “year away”. I too am anxiously awaiting this final book in your wonderful series.

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