“I’m sick of you!” Beatrice hurled a copy of Moby Dick at Giovanni.

He caught it and slammed it on the coffee table, wincing at the crack of wood underneath the book.  “It’s a good thing that was a paperback edition, woman.  And I’m not particularly thrilled with you right now, either.”

She stalked toward him, shoving a finger in his chest.  He could see her fangs descended in anger, and her heart was racing.  “You know, at least you’re not stuck up in this cabin, miles away from any other person.  I can’t even visit most of them because I’d probably end up drinking them for dinner! Add to that, I’m awake in here all day with nothing to do but read.  You, at least, get to sleep for longer than a few hours!”

Giovanni stepped closer, ignoring Carwyn who stared at them from the couch with wide eyes.  “At least I don’t blame you for things that are entirely out of my control, Beatrice.  It’s not my fault that you’re awake most of the day.”

“You don’t even try to stay awake.”

His mouth gaped.  “You’re being completely irrational right now.  I refuse to continue this discussion—”

“Don’t you use the professor voice on me!”

Giovanni saw Carwyn sneaking toward the door.  “I’m just,” the priest muttered.  “I’ll be…”  He slipped out and they paused, waiting for the sound of their friend escaping through the forest.

Giovanni waited for only a moment before he grabbed Beatrice, lifting her up as she wrapped her legs around his waist.  “Nicely done, Tesoro,” he murmured as his lips devoured the skin along her neck.

Her hands were already ripping his shirt.  “I thought he was never going to leave.”

“Mmm,” he growled as she nipped at his collarbone.  “Why is it so sexy when you yell at me?”  They stumbled toward the bedroom and Giovanni nudged the door closed with his hip.

“Probably,” she panted as Giovanni tore her shirt down the front, “the same reason I find the professor voice strangely hot.”

“Let’s not question it, shall we?”

10 thoughts on “February 2011

  1. Shanna says:

    Love it! Thanks for the teasers! I just know I’m going to love the next book as much as I love the other three!

  2. Jane says:

    I have finished the first 2 books in 2 days and am into number three…………..can’t wait for number four. Graet books, love them.

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