Cochamo Valley, Chile

“What’s that?”

Giovanni smirked over his shoulder as he backed into the living room. “Another bookcase.”

Beatrice rolled her eyes as Gustavo stumbled into the room. “Haha.  Funny, it sure looks like a piano.”

“And not one that was easy to get here,” Gustavo muttered.

“Gio, why did you bring a piano to the house?”

“Because we’re going to be here for at least a year, and I like the piano.”

She shrugged and turned back to the fire and her book.

“And I thought maybe you would like to learn, too.”

She glanced over at the two vampires.  “I’m not very musical.”

“I know,” Gustavo said.  “I’ve heard you hum.”

“Hey!” She tossed a pillow at him, but he only chuckled as he and Giovanni maneuvered the piano into a corner of the living room near the bookcases.  It was a small upright, shiny black, and blended nicely with the dark wood and wrought iron which decorated their mountain home.  Much smaller than Giovanni’s grand piano at their house in Los Angeles, she knew he would enjoy playing it just as much.

Beatrice heard footsteps crossing the meadow and rose to meet the visitor at the door.  It was Isabel, carrying the bench for the piano.

“They forgot this!” she called as she climbed the steps.  “I’m amazed it all made it into the valley in one piece.”

Gustavo walked over and took the bench from her.  “We didn’t forget it, woman.  We may have inhuman strength, but we still only have two hands apiece.”

Isabel came to sit next to Beatrice and put her arm around the younger woman.  “How are you?  I haven’t seen you since Christmas.”

“Fine,” she nodded.  “Good.  I’ve been doing a lot of reading.”

“Ben’s doing well.  He and Father are thick as thieves.”

Beatrice smiled.  “Well, that’s not a surprise.  They’re about the same age, mentally.”

Isabel’s laugh pealed out and Beatrice saw Gustavo look up, watching his wife with a small smile as he helped Giovanni.

“You’re right, you know; you missed the wrestling match.  I’ve never… I don’t think there are words to describe that scene.”

“I was sorry to miss it, but I didn’t want to spoil Ben’s fun by, you know, draining him or something.”

Isabel nodded.  “Good point.  Nice of you to be so thoughtful.”

“I try.”

Isabel raised a knowing eyebrow.  “Really?”

Beatrice took a deep breath and swallowed the lump that had risen in her throat.  “I’m… trying.”

Isabel leaned over and squeezed her shoulders in a quick hug before she rose from the couch.  “I’ll see you later.  If you want a break from this one,” she pointed at Giovanni, “just use the radio.”


Giovanni scowled at Isabel.  “Why would she want a break from me?”

Beatrice snickered as Isabel gave him a dry look, then pulled Gustavo out the door, muttering under her breath about “stubborn, donkey men.”

Giovanni sat next to her on the couch, tossing more flames toward the dwindling fire, even though it was summer.  He frowned and looked into the bright flames which lit the dim cabin.  “So, you really don’t have any interest in learning the piano?”

Beatrice leaned into his shoulder and shrugged.  “Like I said, I’m not musical.”

13 thoughts on “January 2011

  1. Taneesha says:

    OMG a year is TORTURE! I am so looking forward to reading the ending but I am also going to be very sad 😦 to see it go. You have created a world like no other and plus I miss my Carwyn.

  2. Kymea23 says:

    Waiting the three months between books is torture, I love them so much. However, I appreciate the time you take to keep the interest going with the teasers, casting and now these snippets! Love it!! I too will be sad when the last book is out but will look forward to your next writing project – whatever it will be.

    1. E Hunter says:

      Thanks! And I’m glad I’m keeping you interested with the teasers. There will be a new one every week! And right now, I’m working on Carwyn’s book, so I hope some readers are excited for that!

  3. Vanessa Coutu says:

    Thanks for the great teaser. You have a terrific series here and I would like to know more about Carwyn. Looking forward to my EM fix every Wednesday.

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