“Have you bitten anyone yet?”

She cleared her throat.  Well, Ben, just your uncle, but you really don’t need to know about that, do you? Beatrice took a pencil, pressing on the button on the front of the radio phone to reply.  “Nope.  I’m clean so far.”

“Good,” she heard Ben reply. “Just remember, if you do need to drain someone, make sure it’s someone really evil or really annoying.  Or my geometry teacher, though that would be a pretty long way to travel for a meal.”

She snorted.  “Got it.  And, of course, there’s the whole, ‘killing an innocent human being’ thing, too.”

“Oh, he’s not innocent; he gives pop quizzes.”

Beatrice laughed.  “Ben, I’m not going to kill your math teacher.”

“I’m just saying, when we get home, keep it in mind.  I’m pretty sure no one would miss him.”

“Right.”  She played with the edge of her book, trying not to notice Giovanni hovering in the corner.  He wore a small, satisfied smirk that she was interacting with the outside world again.  “So, how’s school here?  How’s everything going?”

“Can Gio hear us?”

She muffled a laugh and pressed the respond button again.  “Yes.”

“Oh, well then, it’s going magnificently.  I’m so fortunate to have a knowledgeable and patient teacher like my uncle, who is imparting his centuries of wisdom into my eager young mind.”

Beatrice was rolling on the couch, laughing, when Giovanni walked over and pressed the respond button.  “Tell me more, oh eager young nephew who will be translating an extra passage of Virgil tomorrow evening.”

“Dude!” Ben protested.  “Gio, that’s not cool.  Hear her laughing?  When was the last time you made her laugh like that?”

Giovanni cocked his head at Beatrice and let an evil grin cross his face.

Beatrice stopped laughing and leaped on him.  “You better not!” she hissed as they tumbled to the floor, breaking one of the dining room chairs as they rolled.

“Whatever could you be talking about?” He laughed as he trapped her legs between his own and rolled on top of her.  “I was simply going to tell him how much you like it when I—”

Beatrice cut him off with a kiss, rolling them over so that she was laying on his chest.  She pinned him at the shoulders as the speakerphone squawked in the background.

“Guys?  Gio?  Did you short out the phone again?”  Giovanni and Beatrice continued to roll across the dining room and into the living room, taking out another chair as each tried to best the other in their playful wrestling match.

“B?  Can you hear me?”

Giovanni gripped her hips and rocked against her, ignoring the voice in the background.

“You guys are fooling around, aren’t you?” Ben sighed.  “That’s so gross.”

They didn’t notice when the phone clicked.


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