Cochamó Valley


August 2, 2006


So, since I’m here again (and I’m just assuming you’re going to be a no-show) I want to explain a few things.


1.  I wasn’t going to come this year until Dez (that’s Desiree, my best friend, who you would know about if you communicated with me at all) convinced me that I should just take the free ticket because I love it here and I could use a vacation.  So I’m here.  That’s why, and that’s the only reason.  Not because I wanted or expected to see you again.

2.  I’m more than a little pissed that you seem to be able to communicate with everyone we know (Caspar, Carwyn, Tenzin—you even called my grandma on her birthday) but not me.  Yay for you.  You’re traveling the world and won’t tell anyone where you are.  I don’t even give a shit anymore, but it’s just rude.  I hope my grandma told you off.  She probably didn’t.

3.  If you have any illusions about me “waiting for you” or some romantic crap like that, don’t kid yourself.  I’m dating.  I’m dating a really nice guy, as a matter of fact.  His name is Kevin, and I met him in my graduate program.  He’s handsome and smart and we have an amazing time together, and when I get back from this vacation, we’re going to have sex.  Lots of it.  And that’s going to be great, too.


August 15, 2006


I love this place.  I really do.  I mean, I love L.A. and I love school, but this place is just … magic.  Do you come here when I’m not here? I bet you do.  I’m betting you read this journal last year because it looked like it had been paged through, and I greatly doubt Isabel went to look under the pillows on our bed to set it out on the table for when I got here this year.

So I think you were here.

And I have no idea how to feel about that.


August 20, 2006


Does time stand still for you? Have you been living so long that a year or two is nothing? It seems so long to me, but it’s probably like the blink of an eye to you.  I remember you telling me once that a year was like a day when you are immortal.

So what does that mean? If I was just the blink of an eye in your life, why do you keep breaking into my apartment and giving me tickets to come here? Also, if you want pictures of me, you could call and ask for them instead of swiping the ones at my place.  I really liked that picture of me at the beach.  I actually had a tan.


August 23, 2006


I hate that everything in this house smells like you.


August 24, 2006


And I hate that I dream about you when I’m here.


August 29, 2006


I’m leaving tomorrow.  I’m feeling very relaxed, so thanks for that.

I don’t know what to think about you anymore.  Were you really a part of my life? I’d say it was all a crazy dream except for the cryptic postcards that I’m assuming are from you, and the tickets, and the fact that I’m friends with all your friends now.

I’m going to finish my master’s this winter.  Only two and a half years.  Not bad.  I could have done better, but I was having a lot of fun.  I learned how to rock-climb, kickbox, and I’m fairly good at a couple of martial arts, too.  I’m even a pretty decent dancer now.  Surprise, surprise.  So I’m not going to regret the extra months.

Want to come to my graduation in December?

Yeah, didn’t think so.

5 thoughts on “2006

  1. Sapphyria says:

    The cover of the next installment is brilliant. I love that you are keeping the bookshelves but changing the element to reflect the current one.
    Of course, I say again that you must be trying to kill me. 🙂

    The emotion that you convey in the diary entries is why I love A Hidden Fire so much. What little glimpses you gave last week and this week still churn up the feelings I encountered in the first book.

    Sooooo excited for This Same Earth.


  2. kathy79 says:

    The cover is is wonderful, so of course you are happy with it. It’s great that she is living a life while waiting to see if he returns to hers. She will be even stronger and more mature when they meet again, I suppose that’s his plan. That said, I am so confused by him, hurting for her, and desperate for answers! If it weren’t for the fact that I have sooo much to do before the Holidays, I’d wish it to be December now. As it is, I’ll just be patient, I guess if “B” can wait as long as she has I can wait a month. Until next Tuesday. Kathy

  3. Chase-the-waves says:

    “We’re going to have sex. Lots of it…”

    Ha! Love it! Well this post answered one question that yes, she is leaving the journal there and he is reading it. Love it. Can’t wait for more!!!

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