He saw her as soon as she turned the corner, but then, she was hard to miss. Brigid Connor had always been a tiny thing, with a stride that warned people off, despite her small frame. She was pale-skinned, with a scattering of freckles dotting her cheeks, and her garishly dyed hair was chopped short and lay in irregular chunks around a pixie face. Her large eyes were the color of amber ale and her chin came to a sharp point under a bow-shaped mouth.
Carwyn thought she looked like an extremely pissed off fairy… (Building From Ashes, Chapter Three)

Brigid Connor

Element: Fire (sired by Earth)

Born: 2010

Sire: Deirdre of Wicklow

Mate: Carwyn ap Bryn

Residence: Dublin, Ireland

Quote: “I don’t like princess stories.”

“When I was a girl, this was the safest place in the world. Nothing bad could happen here. It was magic. But then, inevitably, life does happen. And you realize one day that no place is truly safe. And no one is truly untouchable. But then… you grow up a little more and realize that whatever happens, if you have love and love has you, you can build again.”

One thought on “Brigid Connor

  1. Yolanda O'Donnell says:

    I discovered your books a couple of weeks ago. Already ready five of your books. Have enjoyed the continuity and creative characters and how relatable they all are. Looking forward to more of your books.
    I recommend your series to all my friends. Thanks for sharing your talent

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