His fingers were long and graceful, reminding her more of an artist than a scholar, but the body beneath his casually professional wardrobe looked like that of a trained athlete. He appeared fastidious in his appearance, but his hair always seemed just a bit too long. No matter how he was dressed, she always smiled when she saw his expression, his concentrated frown and preoccupied gaze were one hundred percent academic.  (Chapter Two, A Hidden Fire)

Giovanni Vecchio (aka Giovanni di Spada)

Element: Fire

Born: 1504 AD (approximate)

Sire: Andreas of Skyros

Mate: Beatrice De Novo

Current residence: Los Angeles, California, USA

Quote: “Far be it from me to keep a woman from her book. That could become dangerous.” (AHF)

“We are not only creatures of the elements. Though these elements preserve our bodies, they are not the eternal energy of our souls. We are more. All of us. We are more than creatures of the physical world. We are creatures of the heart and the spirit. Of energy and things unseen. If we seek to preserve our bodies without accepting our need for humanity and what they offer us, we will be lost.” (AFW)


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