Reading Order for the Elemental Mysteries/Elemental World

A Hidden Fire (Gio and B book 1)

This Same Earth (Gio and B book 2)

The Force of Wind (Gio and B book 3)

A Fall of Water (Gio and B book 4)

Building From Ashes (Carwyn and Brigid)

Waterlocked (novella, Terry and Gemma)

Blood and Sand (Natalie and Baojia)

Lost Letters and Christmas Lights (novella in the All the Stars Look Down Christmas collection, Gio and B)

Shadows and Gold (novella, Ben and Tenzin)

The Scarlet Deep (novel, Murphy and Anne)

A Very Proper Monster (novella in the Beneath a Waning Moon collection, Tom and Josie, October 2015)

***The Bronze Blade (Tenzin’s stand-alone origin story, can be read at any time.)

7 thoughts on “Elemental Reading Order

  1. iamyourme says:

    I feel the reading order flows well as the publication order with these last three entries. I am about to start Tenzin’s story and feel to be in rhythm with what is talking place in this world. The Christmas story,depending upon your content could be slotted anywhere if it is more of a “what happened to…” type scenario. But as far as the meat and potatoes of the series,I feel the timing is complementary. Keep on keeping on Ms. Hunter cause you are IT girl!

  2. Paul says:

    Can’t wait for more of Ben and Tenzin, especially since they almost have to include a little B and Gio. I have loved each and every one of your books and have read most of them more than once, and the extra short stories involving your Elemental Characters keep me almost content between books. Keep it up E. your awesome.

  3. Ronda says:

    I have read everything that you have put out so far in the Elemental Series. I Love to read about back ground on the characters it just gives the stories more depth “A very Proper Monster” was an excellent story. Can’t wait to see what is next!!!

  4. Katherine McClain says:

    I must have discovered the Elemental series later than others. I I enjoy reading about the characters. They are very well developed: I can picture anyone and feel as if I know them. Would love to know if there are more stories coming, are there?

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