“Brutality. Death. Madness. Retribution. This is the origin story I’ve been dying to hear, and Hunter more than delivered. This is how a legend is born.”

—Colleen Vanderlinden, author of LOST GIRL

“You may call me Tenzin, if you like.”

A girl. A mother. A slave. A monster. A survivor. Descended into madness. Forged in fire and darkness. She became one of the fiercest warriors the immortal world had ever known.

But in the beginning, there was a girl.

WARNING: The Bronze Blade contains scenes of graphic violence and abuse, and is recommended for adult readers only.

Prologue: “Tell me a story…”

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9 thoughts on “The Bronze Blade

    1. Alise Stunnenberg says:

      Thank you Elizabeth. I just finished the SCRIBE and was devastated with the ending, but there’s hope (I think) so I’m pre-ordering the SINGER if I can. Found you just a few months ago and have read all your books & love all of them. Besides the profound love between your main characters in each book, I love the intricate details of each place and location…everything comes alive!! Please write faster 🙂

  1. Pegge says:

    Oh, Elizabeth, thank you so much for this treat. I have greatly missed my friends in the Elemental World. Any morsel you grace us with is truly appreciated, and I am grateful.

  2. Trena says:

    I am really enjoying Tenzin’s story. It is so interesting to see her back story. Just a couple of chapters in and we are already seeing her character transform in some very interesting ways. Thanks for sharing this story with us.

  3. nbravin says:

    Liz. I know you posted about how rough this story is. no doubt about it. it’s gritty. but I’ve read worse and in truth, (although this is fiction/fantasy) so much worse has been done by ‘humans’ to other humans in the past and even in our current world. It is a reminder that what we think of as civilization is just a veneer, and a thin one at that….
    thank you for being such a gifted writer who is willing to share so much with us, and hoping (hint, hint,) that somewhere down the rainbow is more Cambio Spings, though I am looking forward to Singer….

  4. Shari Rich-Smith says:

    Extra chapter written for “The Bronze Blade” where do I find it?. Read a note in your newsletter unless I am confusing it with your new book. Thanks for your help!! Can barely wait to read your newest book… I’ve truly missed your WONDERFUL work!!

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